5 Tips for Saving Money on Infant Care Near Me

finding infant care near me

As a parent, finding affordable and reliable infant care near you is crucial. Infant care can be one of the biggest expenses for new parents with the median year cost of center-based infant care in the US being $27,220 in 2022 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Fortunately, there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Here are five tips for saving money on infant care near you:

Tip 1: Consider in-home infant care

One way to save money is to consider in-home care instead of a day care, where a caregiver comes to your home to care for your child. In-home infant care may be more economical than daycare center infant care, especially if you have more than one child who requires care. You’ll only be paying for one caregiver’s time rather than multiple daycare center staff.

Another advantage of in-home care is that it can be more personalized to your child’s needs. Your caregiver can tailor their care to your child’s specific routines and preferences, which can help your child feel more comfortable and secure. Additionally, in-home care can help reduce your child’s exposure to illnesses and infections that can spread more easily in group care settings.

With resources like UrbanSitter, you can find experienced and reliable in-home infant care providers in your area. Plus, you can easily book and pay for care right through the app.

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Tip 2: Research and compare infant day care providers

Another way to save money is to research and compare infant care providers in your area. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. Then, research providers online and compare their costs and services.

Be sure to look for providers that are licensed and accredited by reputable organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). Licensing requirements vary by state, but generally, licensed providers meet certain standards for health and safety, while accredited providers have voluntarily undergone a rigorous review process to ensure they meet high standards for quality care. Finally, consider the location of the provider. Finding one that is close to your home or work can help you save money on gas and transportation costs.

Tip 3: Utilize tax credits, state child care assistance and flexible spending accounts

Many working parents are eligible for tax credits and flexible spending accounts for child care expenses. Additionally, certain states offer voucher programs and other child care assistance. These resources can help you save money on infant care near you.

In 2023, the Child and Dependent Care Credit allows parents to claim up to $3,000 in child care expenses for one child or up to $6,000 for two or more children. The amount of the credit varies based on your income level and the number of children in your household. For more information about this credit, visit the IRS website. Select states also offer an additional dependent care tax credit to help parents with the cost of child care. 

Another way to save money on infant care is through Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA). A DCFSA allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible child care expenses, including infant care. In 2023, the maximum annual contribution limit is $5,000 per household or $2,500 if married, filing separately. Talk to your employer’s human resources department to find out if your company offers a DCFSA. You should always consult with a tax professional to ensure that you are taking advantage of all available tax benefits and following IRS guidelines.

infant day care provider

Tip 4: Negotiate prices

Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with infant care providers. Many providers are willing to work with parents to find a price that works for both parties. When negotiating prices, keep in mind that the cost of infant care can vary widely depending on your location and the specific provider you’re working with.

To negotiate effectively, start by researching the going rates for infant care in your area. This will give you an idea of what to expect and can help you make a reasonable offer. Additionally, consider offering to pay for a longer period of time upfront, such as six months or a year, in exchange for a discounted rate. You could also ask if they offer any discounts for referrals or for siblings enrolled in their program. Just remember, while it’s important to save money on infant care near you, it’s equally important to choose a provider that offers high-quality care for your child.

Tip 5: Create a budget

Creating a budget for infant care expenses is an essential step in saving money on child care. To get started, calculate your total monthly expenses. This includes any costs associated with in-home care or daycare center fees, as well as any additional expenses such as transportation, meals, and supplies.

Once you have a clear picture of your expenses, look for ways to cut costs. For example, you may be able to save money by packing your child’s lunch instead of buying it from the provider or by finding a more affordable provider in your area. 

To make creating a budget easier, you can use a budget template specifically designed for a family. This resource from Nerd Wallet is a free budget worksheet for parents that helps you estimate all of your expenses, so you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on infant care.

In conclusion, finding affordable infant care near you can be challenging. However, by considering in-home care, researching and comparing providers, utilizing tax credits and flexible spending accounts, negotiating prices, and creating a budget, you can save money on infant care near me. Don’t forget to check out UrbanSitter for trusted in-home providers in your area.

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12 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Kids

Not sure how to create a special Valentine’s Day for kids? Holidays offer ideal opportunities to create traditions your kids will remember for life. Creating Valentine’s Day activities for kids is a win-win for both parents and children alike. Start making those special holiday memories and creating your own family Valentine’s Day traditions.

Here are 12 fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids to make the day extra special:

  1. Make memorable meals.

    Create signature dishes you will have every family Valentine’s Day from here on out. Some delicious ideas to get you thinking:

Valentines Day Ideas for Kids
  1. Create Valentine’s Day decoration together.

    They are bound to pull at your heartstrings when you pull them out each year. For an easy, simple Valentine’s Day activity for kids, make paper chains to hang from the ceiling

  1. Decorate their duds for a festive day.

    We love these simple heart button covers and these, too. Or how about a red dotted bow tie?

  1. Celebrate with a little pampering by giving mini manis and pedis.

    Another fun family Valentine’s Day activity – draw teeny hearts with nail art pens!

  2. Host a perfect Valentine’s Day party

    Follow these tips and the neighbors will all be raving about the perfect Valentine’s Day party you hosted or have the kids host a special tea party for favorite friends, real of imaginary. A tea party takes snack time to a whole new level. Serve finger sandwiches spread with strawberry cream cheese or jam, cookies and tea, of course.

  3. Share the love with Valentine’s Day ideas for kids.

    Load up your table with craft paper, doilies, foils, markers, crayons and paints to create homemade cards to deliver to Mom or Dad, a favorite sitter, and the grandparents.

  1. Have a photo shoot.

    This Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot will give you some good ideas on how to use props to mark the day. Try some fun props, such as a chalkboard, balloons, streamers, or candy.

  1. Get crafty.

    Who doesn’t love making crafts out of hearts? Check out UrbanSitter’s Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts. If you need more ideas, you’ll love Martha Stewart’s roundup. Or tell kids Valentine’s Day jokes!

valentines day ideas for kids
  1. Do good.

    Do you know an elderly neighbor or friend who might not have a Valentine to celebrate with this year? Make their day by delivering a bouquet of flowers and a homemade card.

  1. Snuggle in for family movie night.

    There are many cute Valentine’s Day movies for kids, including: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Ever After,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and a sweet compilation of some of Disney’s best couples – “Mickey & Minnie’s Sweetheart Stories.”

  2. Whip up a special dessert to enjoy after dinner.

    You can’t go wrong with these impressive-to-look-at, even-more-impressive-once-you-bite them brownies from Smitten Kitchen. For something simpler, try Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts from Weelicious.

Valentine's Day for Kids 
Family Valentine's Day
  1. Choose a few Valentine’s Day books to read together before bed.

Finally after a full day of making special memories with your children, plan a night out with your partner or friends. Be sure to book a Valentine’s Day sitter early using these tips. Interested in what it’ll cost you to go out on that special night? Here’s a look at babysitting rates on Valentine’s Day.

Looking for a babysitter for Valentine’s Day? Visit UrbanSitter to find a caregiver nearby.

5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You, Too, Can Tackle

mom and daughter meditation

We could all benefit from a little betterment this new year, but it’s easy for good intentions to get lost in our heads or overrun by the daily grind and never amount to real change. We’ve pared some of the most popular resolutions down to a few simple changes you can certainly make to become a healthier, happier you.

1. Feed yourself and your family with wholesome, tasty goodness.

Just the thought of sifting through zillions of recipes on the Web is enough to send many of us into a tailspin. No need to build an entirely new repertoire. Choose one meal and just one dish is all you need for a good, fresh start.

Start here with this helpful round up of new healthy, delicious recipes from What’s Gaby Cooking. Choose one to try this week, and keep another in the back of your head for next (or another) week.

2. Make more time for yourself.

You’d love to jump on this bandwagon and actually carve out a bit of time for yourself, but not sure just how to find that extra hour in the day? Schedule it. If it’s on the calendar, it’s just as mandatory as getting your child to his well visit at the pediatrician.

Leave your kids’ bedtime routine in someone else’s hands one night a week and escape to a rejuvenating yoga class. Get a friend to join you, and it’s all the better. It’s really as simple as logging onto UrbanSitter and booking a sitter for that all-important me time. You’ll be a better woman and a better parent for it.

3. Build a lifestyle for your family that keeps you all moving each and every day.

Don’t think of exercise as logging time at the gym. Sure, you likely need to hit the gym or tie on your running shoes a few times a week to stay healthy and fit, but building an active lifestyle for your family is about changing the way you live to keep your bodies moving throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how simple tweaks to your routines can really make a difference in everyone’s mood and well being.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a family hike as part of your weekend or make a habit of taking a family walk after dinner a couple times a week; bring your bikes and a baby seat on vacation with you; walk whenever possible, even if it takes longer; take a Mommy and Me swim class or take the whole family to free-swim at a local indoor pool; how about enroll your kids in tennis lessons and make matches a family thing.

4. Learn something new, something just for you.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a working parent or you fall somewhere in between, you likely have a pretty defined image of yourself. Realize that you are a work in progress and that image of You can be expanded, tweaked or totally reworked at any time. Learning something new expands your mind and helps create the balance all parents crave.

You don’t have to take a class, necessarily, to engage your brain and learn. Instead, forego the time you spend on Facebook or in front of the TV and suddenly you have time to dive into a literary classic you always wished you’d read, teach yourself to knit, or brush up on that second language you haven’t used since college.

5. Have more fun with your kids.

Why let kids have all the fun? Playing dolls or building yet another Lego creation might not be too enticing, especially when you have dinner to cook, email to check and the laundry is threatening to overtake the house. Instead, become a more fun mom or dad by seizing the moments in between to share a laugh, surprise your kids or to just let loose. Try these:

  • Tickle your toddler’s tiny toes.
  • Make up silly songs to sing your preschooler while you get him dressed. Anything that rhymes is fun.
  • Don’t rush bath time. Pour a few extra capfuls of bubbles into the tub, give both of you bubble beards, and let your kiddos run around the bathroom in the buff before wrangling them into PJs and rushing them off to brush their teeth.
  • Search the web for a few jokes to tell your grade-schoolers at dinner. They will think you are the funniest comic on the block, regardless of how awful the joke.
  • Does your life at home have a soundtrack? Maybe it should. Turn up the music and dance, dance, dance.
  • Let them stay up a bit later for family movie night. The only requirement is your undivided attention.

It’s easier than you thought to be a better you, don’t you agree?

Meet your new favorite babysitter, nanny or caregiver with UrbanSitter!

Babysitter Gift Ideas, Nanny Bonus & More: UrbanSitter’s Guide to Holiday Gifting

Holiday Babysitter gifts, nanny gifts, nanny bonus

Putting together your holiday gift list? Chances are babysitter gifts, nanny gifts and nanny bonus are high up on the list. Around the holidays there are a lot of questions around this, such as “what is a thoughtful gift for my nanny/sitter?” “What handmade gift can my child can give the nanny?” “What does a nanny or sitter actually want as a holiday gift?” “What’s an appropriate nanny bonus or holiday babysitter tip?”

The holidays are the perfect time to show a bit of extra gratitude for all your caregiver does for your family with a thoughtful gift. We have plenty of gift guides (and pinterest board) to help point you in the right direction for a perfect babysitter gift. Plus, UrbanSitter creates a yearly guide on holiday tipping & bonuses.

Gift Guides for the Holidays

We have your gift guides covered from holiday gifts kids can give, handmade gifts from kids, to gifts for the babysitter, nanny gifts and even the ultimate mommy gift guide.

Top Nanny Gifts for the Holidays:

  • 91% of parents surveyed gift their nanny a Christmas bonus or gift.
  • Gifts include gift cards to a favorite retailer or restaurant, spa items or a gift card for spa services, scarves, other handmade items, a framed photo of the kids, candles, gourmet foods such as baked goods or chocolates and fine teas. In addition, kids oftentimes make a gift for the nanny.

Popular Babysitter Gift Ideas for Christmas:

  • Top babysitter Christmas gift ideas include a gift card to Starbucks or iTunes, handmade gift from kids, or baked goods. Other gifts are time off, food, jewelry, tickets, and of course, cash!

Babysitter & Nanny Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Handmade Gifts from Kids

Other Gift Guides

Need more ideas? Visit our Gifts for Sitters and Nannies Pinterest Board.

Holiday Tipping & Nanny Bonus

Now that we’ve covered gift ideas for babysitters, let’s dive into the nanny bonus! Each year we survey parents to get the scoop on holiday tipping and bonuses. Year after year, the top nanny bonus given by at least 50% of parents is a nanny bonus that equals one week of pay. Most sitters also expect a tip or bonus over the holidays. In addition to tipping or a bonus, parents oftentimes give their nanny or sitter a gift. Keep in mind, 82% of sitters & nannies would prefer cash over a gift as their bonus/tip.

Check out our most recent Holiday Tipping Guide, which includes nanny bonuses and babysitter holiday tip suggestions.

Show Your Appreciation: Babysitter Gift, Thank You Note & Bonus

Giving a small gift, thank you note, and an appropriate cash bonus or tip based on how often and how long a caregiver has worked for you is one fabulous way to show your appreciation. You can even have the kids participate (if age appropriate) and create a handmade gift for the nanny or write a little note.

Ultimately, any sentiment that shows you truly appreciate the work your nanny or sitter does year round to take care of your kids, keep them safe and bring them joy can go a long way in continuing to build a wonderful relationship and make the caregiver feel valued.

The holiday times are the perfect time to book a sitter for a night out to enjoy a holiday party or shop without the kids!

5 Hints to Securing a Babysitter This Holiday

holiday sitter

You cut your own tree this year and the stockings are already hung by the chimney with care — what’s next on your holiday list? Booking a babysitter for your many, many, many holiday parties. Don’t fret! Start with these 5 Helpful Hints for Securing a Babysitter This Holiday Season:

1. Don’t procrastinate. Book early…or right now! December is a busy month for parents and sitters alike, so send your requests now and make it clear that these dates are important to you and that’s why you’re asking so early.

2. Pay a little extra. Increase your sitter’s hourly rate by a dollar or two to entice her/him to agree to those busy weekend dates. And, try booking multiple dates with the same sitter, so she/he feels assured you’re providing a steady December paycheck.

3. Go for the Early Bird. College-aged sitters love booking early jobs, because that means they can hit the town afterward with their friends. Why not start your Saturday night date at 4 or 5 pm, so you’ll be home by 9 pm?

4. Opt for a weekday. If you have the luxury of choosing the day of the week of your event, opt for a weekday or Sunday. There is far less competition for sitters on the “off” nights, so you’ll have your pick!

5. Stay at home (well not exactly). Picture hosting a fabulous holiday party at your home. Get a sitter to watch the kids and keep them occupied while you entertain. You don’t have to hire the most experienced (read: expensive) sitter for this, since you’ll be there in case of an emergency. Always remember to explain your plan to the sitter when you book them, so there are no big surprises.

UrbanSitter has all your holiday sitter needs covered. Book early and you’ll have one less “to do” on your list!

7 Tips For Hiring An After School Nanny Or Sitter

A good after school nanny can be difficult to find. Without the right hiring and screening process completed upfront, you may rely partially on luck to locate the right caregiver for your children. To improve your efforts to hire a qualified, caring nanny or sitter incorporate these tips into your search.

1. Prepare a Job Description

When you prepare a detailed job description at the beginning, this is an easy way to quickly narrow your search to candidates who satisfy your essential needs. In the job description lay out your objectives, expectations, work schedule and other factors (such as if you want to work only with a sitter or nanny that is vaccinated against COVID-19 – UrbanSitter allows caretakers to provide this information and add it to their profile). Nanny-finding sites streamline this process, for instance UrbanSitter provides a job posting form that helps you summarize your after school care needs by ticking boxes. Don’t forget to research average nanny rates in your area to be competitive. 

2. Be Realistic About Tasks for an After School Nanny

Some parents understandably get excited about getting extra help with the kids and with chores around the house. Keep in mind even the best nanny may not be able to tackle everything you might otherwise be able to.

3. Consider Transportation Needs

Will your after school nanny need to pick up your children from school or drive them to and from their various activities? If your nanny will need transportation, ensure that the nanny has a safe, reliable car and a great driving record. Something else to think about is many families will allow their nanny to use the family car for transportation.

4. Look for Flexibility

In many cases, parents may arrive home from work at different times in the evening from day to day. If this is the case for you, find a nanny who can stay later as needed and without advance notice. If you can’t find one nanny to cover every afternoon, consider splitting the job across two sitters/nannies. The bonus is that you then have two people who you can reach out to when in a pinch.

5. Pay Attention to Values of the After School Nanny

Your nanny/sitter will spend a considerable amount of time with your children and may be responsible for preparing meals and snacks, helping with homework and enforcing rules. Ideally, their efforts will be a seamless extension of your own. Trust your gut. If something seems like it might not work out, it probably won’t.

6. Complete a Background Check

A background check should be completed on any serious candidate, and it should include a review of criminal history, credit rating, and employment history. Any red flags should be taken seriously. Reputable sites like UrbanSitter only offer nannies who have already passed a background check through a third-party service.

7. Contact References

After you have thoroughly interviewed and screened potential nannies, the matter of actually calling references may seem rather unimportant. However, the types of references the individual provides as well as what these references may say about the candidate can tell you valuable information you may have not yet learned through your other efforts.

Follow the 7 tips above to make your search for an after school nanny or sitter much easier! 

Not sure which type of after care you need? Review this list of 6 practical after care solutions.


Your life may be rather stressful and chaotic until you hire the right nanny to care for your children, that said, you should avoid rushing through the hiring process. You may find yourself dealing with many new problems if you do not take proper steps to make a the best selection for your family.

Before and After School Child Care: 6 Practical Solutions

The new school year is around the corner which means it’s time to nail down your before and after school child care. From morning drop-offs to shuttling kids to after school activities, the back to school hustle can leave you juggling a lot of different schedules. Not sure what kind of after school child care is right for you? Have no fear! We have 6 before and after school babysitter and nanny solutions that will help your family get an A+ this school year.

1. The Full-Time Nanny

Full-Time Nanny
Before and After school babysitter

Work full-time? Need a helping hand before and after school? Have a little one in school and one still at home? A full-time nanny may be just what you need to cover all your bases. Nanny-finding sites like UrbanSitter conveniently allow you to search or post a job for this type of “split shift” schedule. 

Pro-tip: Check our blog post for suggested questions to ask when interviewing potential nannies.

2. The Carpool-Driving Sitter

carpool driving sitters

Maybe your mornings start early and you need help getting the kids ready and dropped off on time to school. Or, maybe you can’t leave the office early enough to pick them up. Problem solved! Book a carpool driving sitter.

Pro-tip: Use UrbanSitter’s search filter to find sitters ‘willing to drive kids’ in your car or theirs.

3. The Homework Tutor

sitter tutor
before and after school babysitter

Let’s be real, kids have A LOT of homework these days and sometimes our kids need a little extra help. Find and book a sitter who’s ready to hit the books after school.

Pro-tip: Sites like UrbanSitter make it easy to search for sitters by the grade levels and subjects they teach or tutor.

4. The After-School Sitter

after-school sitter

Soccer practice, music lessons, dance class, or even just a trip to the park can be hard to juggle when you have more than one kid, errands to run, or when your work schedule keeps you late. Have no fear, an after-school sitter can help you feel like you are in more than one place at the same time.

Pro-tip: If you aren’t finding any sitters to cover every day of the week, consider splitting your job into two jobs with a sitter for Monday-Wednesday-Fridays and another for Tuesday-Thursdays.

5. The Last-Minute Sitter

urbansitter app
last minute sitter
before and after school babysitter
after school child care

When the kids have an unexpected day off from school or your usual nanny calls in sick, you’ll need access to a last-minute sitter for backup child care. 

Pro-tip: Download UrbanSitter’s child care-finding app for free for access to last-minute child care. 

6. After School Programs

after school program

Some schools offer after school programs to give parents a few extra hours of child care beyond the school day. If your school doesn’t offer an after school program, many local YMCAs offer affordable school age after school child care.

Found the right before and after school child care solution for you? Now get started on your caregiver search by creating a free account on UrbanSitter.

Summer Boredom Busters: 5 Fun Activities For Your Sitter and Child To Do Together

5 Fun Activities For Your Sitter and Child To Do Together

Looking for some fun summer babysitting activities to keep the kids entertained? Look no further – we’ve found 5 fun boredom busters that are sure to work for the kids.

First, parents book a sitter – UrbanSitter makes it easy to find one that is just the right match for your child – and with these creative ideas, set up a fantastic day they will both enjoy:

1. Tackle something new. Let your sitter introduce your little one to a new sport or hobby. Give them some basic equipment to take to a local field, playground or indoor play space.

2. Learn about a new culture. Pick a place or culture that has piqued the child’s interest – maybe somewhere they’ll be traveling together in the near future or the native culture of a friend — and dive in to explore it together. Cater to the child’s age and ability:


  • Choose a book to read together.
  • Draw a picture about something they saw in the book or learned about the culture they explored.
  • Try a new treat or snack from an ethnic grocery store or take-out restaurant.

School-aged kids:

  • Grab the PC to do some simple online research.
  • Take a trip to the library or local book store.
  • Create a collage or poster to showcase findings.
  • Tackle a simple recipe to create a native dish.

3. Plan a double date. Everything is more fun with friends. Invite a friend and his sitter along for a day out or over to your house for an inside play date. Visit a local museum or science center, or host a movie day, make a music video, put on a play, or have a water balloon fight.

4. Get crafty! Another fun summer activity for the kids is to work together to choose an interesting, age appropriate project or series of projects that build upon a theme:


  • Go camping! Build an indoor tent, and create a pretend campfire or pictures of animals that live in the woods (a bear? an owl?). The sitter can cap off the afternoon by making s’mores in the microwave as an additional fun summer activity.
  • Send them to the kitchen to make a fun, good-to-eat treat, such as this fun recipe for Spider Snacks.

Spider Snacks


2 round crackers

8 pretzel sticks

2 raisins

Peanut butter


1. Spread peanut butter onto one of the round crackers.

2. Place the pretzel sticks on the edges of the cracker. These are your spider’s legs!

3. Place the second cracker on top of the first cracker.

4. Spread two small dots of peanut butter on top of the second cracker.

5. To make your spider eyes, stick one raisin to each dot of peanut butter

School Age:

  • Make friendship bracelets to wear and share with pals. Here is a good how-to.
  • Everyone is intrigued by origami. These origami animals are easy enough for kids and are very cool!
  • Create a fairy house in your backyard or neighborhood park. Any kind of natural materials will work, so just use what’s there – leaves, rocks, moss, flowers, wood chips, sticks and even shells.

5. Venture out to check out a community event or activity. Check local online listings to find a festival, an outdoor movie showing, fair or even a farmer’s market. The two of them can plan the big day out together, and  get away for an easy, yet fun break from the usual routine.

Escape the summer doldrums and book yourself a fun, energetic sitter at UrbanSitter!

Father’s Day is Looming: 7 Great Gift Ideas

Fathers Day gifts, fathers day gifts, diy father's day gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t panic. Below is a helpful list of great Father’s Day gift ideas. We’re sure you’ll find a gift that’ll be perfect for that special dad in your life.

  1. Photo for His Office — Men aren’t always the most diligent about decorating their offices, but who can resist a precious photo of the kids or better yet, you AND the kids? Print and frame it, and have the kids make the card. Done.
  2. Night Out on the Town — Make a reservation for dinner at his favorite steak house. (Note: this should be HIS favorite restaurant, not YOURS.) He’ll love the fact that you took the reigns. Enjoy a bottle of wine and maybe even head to a movie or comedy club afterward. Be sure to book your sitter early — remember, UrbanSitter has trusted caregivers ready to watch your kids! 
  3. Homemade Gift by Kids — More than a card, give him a handmade paperweight or picture frame. Head to your local craft store and get some modeling clay and do hand impressions, or use popsicle sticks to make a frame (or even buy the frame and let the kids decorate it). Or, find a few smooth rocks and use markers to embellish. He’ll love it, guaranteed.
  4. Concert or Theatre Tickets — When another button-down shirt just isn’t going to cut it, do a little research on which band or play is coming to town. What will your husband love? Whatever you choose, he’s sure to be thrilled with your thinking outside the box.
  5. Breakfast in Bed — This one seems cliche, and might usually be reserved for Mother’s Day, but I think most men enjoy it, too. Have the kids help you (but not too much — no shells in the omelette!), and take it in on a tray after you’ve let him sleep in a bit.
  6. Office Visit — This is always a huge hit. Usually reserved for business, his office is also someplace he’d most likely love to share and show off. Most offices are willing to have kids visit, if only for a few minutes, and it’s a good thing for kids to be able to envision where Daddy goes every day. Afterwards, treat him to lunch at one of his favorite local eateries.
  7. Hobby Gear — Take the time to do some research or really *listen* to him in the preceding months when he talks about those cool shoes or the clubs he covets. Then go out and get them — and don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson for help.

Best of all, let Dad just enjoy his day. Tell him how much you and the kids love him — it’s truly the best gift one could give

Your community’s most trusted caregivers.

Find great care for your kids, pets, seniors, and home with UrbanSitter.

Have Baby, Will Travel

Traveling with a baby

Whether you’re taking a road trip or facing a long flight together, the thought of traveling with an infant can be daunting, especially for first-timers. But, the trip doesn’t have to be a hairy one.

In fact, infants often make for much better travel companions than their squirmy, mobile, older siblings! Consider these tips from the experts for smooth, stress-free travel with your baby this summer.

Tips for Traveling with Infants

  1. Travel Light. We think babies require a lot of stuff, but whittle down your daily baby care items to the bare essentials, and you’ll be surprised at how little a baby really needs. Unless you’re headed to a remote location, you can lighten the load significantly by renting the big, must-have items and have them waiting for you when you arrive. Rental companies such as Babyquip, Rents 4 Baby and Travelingbaby.com will deliver to your destination, so no need to lug a crib or pack-n-play, jogging stroller, high chair, bicycle baby carrier, swing or baby gates. Verywell has a list of the best baby rental equipment.
    • They’ll also deliver car seats. Another option is to reserve one through your rental car carrier. Just be sure to request one in advance, making sure it’s the appropriate size, since supplies seem to be limited.
    • Another helpful hint for keeping the packing to a minimum –  purchase diapers, formula and extra baby wipes when you arrive, rather than carrying a large supply with you.
  2. Think ahead and be prepared. Ever try to carry a baby through a busy airport, thinking it was easier to check the stroller at baggage claim? Ever try to hold an infant while using a public restroom? Not fun. Make it easier on yourself by becoming one with your stroller while traveling. Not only will it save you from having to carry your precious cargo, it will also provide a place to change a diaper or let a tired little one get some rest. Along with the stroller, be sure you have an especially well-packed diaper bag, carry-on or tote. A diaper bag packed for an infant should include:
    • at least two changes of simple, low-fuss clothes and socks (blow-outs happen when you least expect them!)
    • diapers and plenty of baby wipes
    • a bottle and formula if you are bottle-feeding, a pacifier (especially helpful to combat air-pressure changes while flying)
    • hand sanitizer
    • light blanket to warm a chilly baby, serve as a nursing shield or provide a place to lie your baby down for a stretch.
    • any necessary medications, sunscreen, and diaper rash cream.
  3. Consider applying for TSA PreCheck
    • To make traveling through the airport even easier, you might want to apply for TSA PreCheck.  Children under 12 can go through TSA PreCheck with an adult who has it. With TSA Pre, your family won’t need to remove shoes, belts, toiletries, personal electronics such as an iPad or laptop or jackets, plus the line moves much more quickly. Keep in mind there is a cost to applying, however many credit cards will reimburse you.
  4. Keep to a schedule. Most parents agree with the experts who tell us that babies who stick to a schedule or routine are often the most content.
    • While it’s not always possible to follow the exact routine you have at home, you can typically feed, change and put your baby to sleep with some consistency. You and your baby will have a happier trip if she’s not skipping naps or missing bottles or snacks.
  5. Incorporate time for yourself and time with your spouse or partner. No matter how well you plan and prepare, travel with a baby can be stressful and tiring. Give yourself a break by making time to take care of yourself and your adult relationships. Let Dad do solo duty for a bit while you splurge on a spa treatment, take a nap or simply lounge by the pool with a good book.
    • You can both get a break and a chance to see the sights by taking advantage of a local babysitter. Hotels can often recommend local babysitters, though it’s typically less expensive and more convenient to find and book a trustworthy babysitter on UrbanSitter. You’ll have greater peace of mind leaving your child in a new sitter’s care after reading her profile and other parents’ reviews on the site.

Before long, your tiny travel companion will become an energetic toddler in tow! Check out these tips for happy traveling with tots and little kids.

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