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As we enter the festive season, UrbanSitter is back with the latest insights into holiday tipping trends for caregivers across the U.S. Our annual survey aims to provide a clear picture of the tipping landscape, helping you navigate the holiday season with gratitude.

Wondering about holiday tipping dilemmas like “Do you tip a babysitter?”, “Do you tip dog sitters?” or “How much to tip house cleaners” during the festive season? We’ve got you covered.

2023 Holiday Tipping Recommendations

To help you make informed decisions this holiday season, here’s a comprehensive chart outlining tipping trends for caregivers. From the percentage of recipients to the most common tip amount and the prevalence of alternative gifts, use this visual guide to navigate your holiday generosity.

 Percent of families that tipMost common holiday tipPercent of families that give gifts insteadPercent of families that don’t tip/gift
The Babysitter65%$15-$2515%20% 
The Nanny68%1 week’s pay28%4% 
The Pet Sitter47%<$2513%40% 
The Housekeeper65%$100+12%23% 
The Senior Caregiver44%$15-$10015%41% 
The Tutor46%<$1517%37% 

Remember, these trends provide a snapshot of what’s expected, but personal preferences and relationships matter most. If you’re wondering about “how much to tip house cleaners” or considering questions like “Do you tip babysitters?” or “Do you tip dog sitters?” use this chart as a starting point to show appreciation for the caregivers in your life.

Tipping Trends by Caregiver Type

  • Babysitter: 65% receive holiday tips, the most common tip is $15-$25, and 15% receive gifts.
  • Nanny: 68% receive holiday tips, the most common tip is 1 week’s pay, and 28% receive gifts.
  • Pet Sitter: 47% receive holiday tips, the most common tip is under $25, 13% receive gifts.
  • Housekeeper: 65% receive holiday tips, the most common tip is $100 or more, and 12% receive gifts.
  • Elder Care Provider: 44% receive holiday tips, the most common tip ranges widely from $15-$100, and 15% receive gifts.
  • Tutor: 46% receive holiday tips, the most common tip is under $15, and 17% receive gifts.

Popular gift ideas

  • Personalized Notes: Craft heartfelt messages tailored to each caregiver’s role and impact on your life.
  • Spa Vouchers: Treat them to a relaxing spa experience to show appreciation for their hard work.
  • Gift Cards: Consider vouchers to their favorite shops or restaurants for a personalized touch.
  • Children’s Crafts: Handmade creations from the kids add a personal and heartwarming touch to express gratitude.
  • Group Gifts: For caregivers in group settings, like tutors or pet sitters, a collective gift from the community they serve can make a substantial impact.

Extra Tips for a Thoughtful Gesture

Add a personal touch to your expressions of gratitude—customize gifts to match individual preferences and interests. Take a moment to think about what your caregiver likes, and consider adding a heartfelt note or a thoughtful gift. Remember, appreciation shouldn’t be limited to the holiday season; recognize exceptional service all year round.

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Make this holiday season stress-free for yourself – secure your sitter today for a night out or relaxed shopping. UrbanSitter has you covered!

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