new year's eve babysitting rates

As we approach the countdown to the new year, parents are gearing up for a night of celebration. Whether you’re planning to make a big splash to welcome the new year or prefer a cozy get-together with friends, one question looms: What’s the price tag for a New Year’s Eve babysitter? 

We surveyed hundreds of parents across the United States to see if they plan to go out on New Year’s Eve, if they do, how much extra they are willing to pay for a sitter, along with tips and tricks and more.

The Highlights of New Year’s Eve Babysitting Rates

Wondering what to expect for New Year’s Eve babysitting rates this year? We’ve got the inside scoop based on UrbanSitter’s comprehensive booking data and factoring in inflation. We predict the average hourly babysitting rate on New Year’s Eve will be around $29 per hour for 1 kid and over $30 per hour for 2 kids.

new years eve babysitting rates

Parents’ New Year’s Eve Plans:

Are you part of the nearly 50% of parents considering heading out for the night, or are you among the other half choosing a cozy night in? Interestingly, this year’s data shows a shift from last year, with more parents opting for a night on the town. Parents are split 50/50 on going out for New Year’s Eve this year. This is up from last year, when 67% said they were staying home.

new years eve babysitter

How Much Are Parents Willing to Pay?

How much is too much when it comes to securing a babysitter? We’ve surveyed parents to get the lowdown on how much extra they will pay for peace of mind during their celebrations. The results might surprise you! Most families are willing to pay 1.5 times a sitter’s standard rate to book them on New Year’s Eve.

new years eve tipping

Quick Tips for New Year’s Eve Babysitting Success:

  • Book early: Secure your sitter well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles on the bustling New Year’s Eve.
  • Offer competitive rates: Recognize the occasion’s significance by providing fair and competitive rates for your sitter.
  • Additional perks: Make the night more appealing by offering extras like transportation reimbursement or a simple dinner.
  • Have a backup plan: Prepare for unforeseen circumstances with a backup sitter or plan in place.
  • Express your gratitude: Show appreciation with a thank-you note or a small token.

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Book your NYE sitter now and enjoy a night out without the kids!  

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