Before and After School Child Care: 6 Practical Solutions

The new school year is around the corner which means it’s time to nail down your before and after school child care. From morning drop-offs to shuttling kids to after school activities, the back to school hustle can leave you juggling a lot of different schedules. Not sure what kind of after school child care is right for you? Have no fear! We have 6 before and after school babysitter and nanny solutions that will help your family get an A+ this school year.

1. The Full-Time Nanny

Full-Time Nanny
Before and After school babysitter

Work full-time? Need a helping hand before and after school? Have a little one in school and one still at home? A full-time nanny may be just what you need to cover all your bases. Nanny-finding sites like UrbanSitter conveniently allow you to search or post a job for this type of “split shift” schedule. 

Pro-tip: Check our blog post for suggested questions to ask when interviewing potential nannies.

2. The Carpool-Driving Sitter

carpool driving sitters

Maybe your mornings start early and you need help getting the kids ready and dropped off on time to school. Or, maybe you can’t leave the office early enough to pick them up. Problem solved! Book a carpool driving sitter.

Pro-tip: Use UrbanSitter’s search filter to find sitters ‘willing to drive kids’ in your car or theirs.

3. The Homework Tutor

sitter tutor
before and after school babysitter

Let’s be real, kids have A LOT of homework these days and sometimes our kids need a little extra help. Find and book a sitter who’s ready to hit the books after school.

Pro-tip: Sites like UrbanSitter make it easy to search for sitters by the grade levels and subjects they teach or tutor.

4. The After-School Sitter

after-school sitter

Soccer practice, music lessons, dance class, or even just a trip to the park can be hard to juggle when you have more than one kid, errands to run, or when your work schedule keeps you late. Have no fear, an after-school sitter can help you feel like you are in more than one place at the same time.

Pro-tip: If you aren’t finding any sitters to cover every day of the week, consider splitting your job into two jobs with a sitter for Monday-Wednesday-Fridays and another for Tuesday-Thursdays.

5. The Last-Minute Sitter

urbansitter app
last minute sitter
before and after school babysitter
after school child care

When the kids have an unexpected day off from school or your usual nanny calls in sick, you’ll need access to a last-minute sitter for backup child care. 

Pro-tip: Download UrbanSitter’s child care-finding app for free for access to last-minute child care. 

6. After School Programs

after school program

Some schools offer after school programs to give parents a few extra hours of child care beyond the school day. If your school doesn’t offer an after school program, many local YMCAs offer affordable school age after school child care.

Found the right before and after school child care solution for you? Now get started on your caregiver search by creating a free account on UrbanSitter.

7 Reasons to Book a Babysitter This Summer


Why is summer a great time to book a babysitter? Read on to find out:


 1. School’s Out For Summer!

frank-mckenna-127295-unsplashSummer break is here, which means a whole new schedule for the whole family. Make the transition easier for everyone with a summer sitter or nanny to help with the new routine. Part-time, full-time, anytime. We’ve got you covered!

2. Summer Camp, Soccer Games, Swim Lessons…Oh, My!

maarten-van-den-heuvel-105902-unsplashSchool may be out, but the kids’ schedules are busier than ever. Find and book a sitter who can help you manage all of the drop-offs, pickups, and everything in between! *Pro tip: Search for sitters that are willing to drive before you book!

3. “Me-Time”

rawpixel-369784-unsplashSummer break is filled with activities and family fun, but let’s be real, parents…sometimes we need a break. Book a sitter and take a time-out for some quality alone time.

4. Hosting A BBQ or Pool Party

matthieu-joannon-666745-unsplashThe summer is the perfect time to have friends over for a bbq or pool party, but we also know it can be overwhelming trying to entertain and watch the kids. Book a sitter to help keep an eye on the kids while they swim and play. *Pro tip: Search for CPR certified sitters before you book!

5. Summer Fun is Here and So Are Your Errands 

jeshoots-com-462287-unsplashTaking your kids to the grocery store or your hair appointment isn’t usually efficient or time-saving. Book a sitter and get through your to-do list faster this summer.

6. Date Night…or Day!

20180228_URBANSITTER_SHOT_09_0480Take advantage of summer weather and plan the perfect date. A day trip to a winery or dinner and a movie. The possibilities are endless when you unlock your sitter network.

7. It’s Wedding Season

chuttersnap-461238-unsplashHave an upcoming wedding? Kids not on the guest list? Don’t miss out! Your sitter network has wedding season covered.

Whatever your summer childcare needs, UrbanSitter lets you find and book sitters of people you trust. Unlock your personal network to book babysitters and nannies you’re connected to today!









5 Ways a Babysitter Can Help This Summer

find a summer babysitter

Now that the kids are home from school for the summer, you’re faced with a whole different set of childcare needs. If you need full-time childcare for the summer, you likely have it covered by now. For the rest of us who could use a hand over the next few months, here are some helpful ways a babysitter might be just what’s needed.

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Summer Babysitter:

1. Camp and Activity Chauffeur

A summer schedule that includes day camps and summer activities, such as lessons or tutoring, has the potential to turn you into a prisoner of your own car. Instead of enjoying a relaxing break from school-year routine and obligation, you’re pulling your hair out trying to mastermind the logistics of transporting numerous children to numerous locations at undoubtedly conflicting times. Hire a sitter to help with the load.

UrbanSitter has many trustworthy sitters who are more than willing to drive your children using their own car or yours. Do a babysitter search and filter to see only candidates who have a vehicle and will drive kids.

2. Mother’s/Father’s Helper

For the times when an extra pair of hands makes all the difference in the world. Hire a babysitter to play with the kids while you make an impressive dinner for guests (or even a simple one for your own family), help entertain a load of visiting friends and cousins, take over while you tackle a DIY home project that’s you’ve been itching to get to (turn the baby’s room into a big kid room, starting with a fresh coat of paint; sort and organize the clothes your kids are outgrowing at rapid pace), co-host a summer birthday party, or maybe even just help to give older siblings a bit of extra attention if a new baby has recently joined the family.

3. Morning or Afternoon Sanity Saver

It’s really fantastic to have a few hours every week you can count on to take care of life without bringing the kids along. Hiring a babysitter for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, a morning each week or as often as you can afford is an absolute sanity saver. Imagine how much easier it would be schedule appointments, catch up with a friend from pre-kid days or just get some work done, knowing the kids are covered.

Did you know UrbanSitter allows babysitters to post their weekly availability, blocking times when they have other jobs or classes, so you can see who is available to fit your schedule?

4. Vacation Nanny

Whether you are driving to a nearby beach for a week or taking the whole crew on a plane for a jaunt across the country or over the pond, it’s infinitely easier to do it with a babysitter along to help. You might have your spouse or a grandparent to share the load, but they aren’t likely relishing 24/7 kid duty. A babysitter can help entertain the kids while you and your spouse or other adults  truly enjoy some vacation time – dining out past 5 pm, reading a book poolside, playing a round of golf or sneaking off to the spa.

Be sure to talk with your babysitter before the trip to make sure you have the same expectations for the trip, including how much time she’ll spend with the kids, when and if she’ll join in on family time, how much free time she will have, and what expenses will be covered.

5. Pool or Park Chaperone

If your summer involves a lot of time at the pool and park, lucky you, but chances are there are days when you have other places you want or need to be. It’s pretty darn nice to have a reliable, trustworthy babysitter to take the kids off your hands and take them to the pool or park. If you have more than one child, especially if one is a baby or toddler who is still napping or an older child who has other places to be, it’s valuable to  have a babysitter to split the duty. She can help while you stay home with a sleeping baby or transport an older child.

UrbanSitter lets you search for babysitters who are child/infant CPR-trained. Our blog post on Summer Safety is a great resource to share with your babysitter before she takes on summer duty.

Regardless of when you need a babysitter, UrbanSitter is an excellent resource for finding just the right one for this summer and beyond.

Check out new babysitter profiles that have been added in your area, and go ahead and try a new babysitter who’s right for you. You deserve it!



5 Tips for Developing Good Homework Habits

good homework habits
Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Homework adds a whole new element to a family’s evening routine. If it’s put your evenings into a bit of a tailspin, you might want to try out these helpful techniques for helping your children develop good homework habits. It’s not too late to start.

  1. Determine the best time for homework and stick to it. Make it whatever works best for your family – immediately after school, before or after dinner, or before bed. For most,  it’s best to tackle it after school, once kids have had a snack and a few minutes of chill time, but before they dive into activities, outside play or TV. Having it done and out of the way frees up the evening for other activities and family time.
  2. Create an environment that is conducive to doing homework. Make it a place that’s free of interruptions or temptations, and is well lit. Have tools and materials,  such as sharpened pencils, markers, and a dictionary handy.
  3. Make sure you set aside ample time. Young children may only need a few minutes to copy spelling words or trace letters and you can likely read a Bob book together pretty darn quickly, but if possible, turn off the rush.  It also helps to give older kids time to work through tougher homework without the added stress of squeezing it into the schedule.
  4. Be available to offer assistance, clarify directions, and review the finished product, but don’t do the homework for your child. Don’t forget to offer praise for a job well done.
  5. If your child is continually struggling with the work, it may be time to consider a tutor. It might be the solution that takes the stress off both your child and you. Talk to your child’s teacher first.

Looking for a babysitter to help with homework or tutoring? Find afterschool sitters at