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Finding the right after-school child care can bring tremendous relief to busy parents. Understanding the financial aspects of after-school care can help you make informed decisions and find the perfect solution that fits your budget. In this article, we’ll delve into after-school child care costs and provide valuable tips to guide your search.

How much does after-school child care cost?

When it comes to the cost of after-school childcare, a set of key factors can help determine what to expect. It’s important to consider aspects such as location, job responsibilities, days per week, transportation costs, skills, and experience to make an informed decision. By considering these factors, you can establish fair and competitive child care rates that align with your circumstances.

At UrbanSitter, we’ve tracked average babysitting rates nationwide for over a decade. By analyzing tens of thousands of babysitting jobs last year, we’ve compiled a comprehensive reference guide for families and babysitters alike. To discover your city’s most recent rates for after-school care, refer to the chart below.

Average After-School Sitter Rates by U.S. City

Area/U.S. City Average Hourly Rate Weekly Rate
(Based on 15 Hours)
National $23.61 $354.15
Atlanta, GA $20.19 $302.85
Austin, TX $22.40 $336.00
Boston, MA $21.61 $324.15
Charlotte, NC $19.26 $288.90
Chicago, IL $20.40 $306.00
Cleveland, OH $19.68 $295.20
Colorado Springs, CO $19.83 $297.45
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX $19.52 $292.80
Denver, CO $20.82 $312.30
Detroit, MI $19.94 $299.10
Honolulu, HI $20.72 $310.80
Houston, TX $19.33 $289.95
Las Vegas, NV $19.58 $293.70
Los Angeles, CA $23.20 $348.00
Miami, FL $21.27 $319.05
Minneapolis, MN $18.94 $284.10
Nashville, TN $18.30 $274.50
New York City, NY $22.57 $338.55
North Jersey, NJ $22.70 $340.50
Orlando, FL $19.75 $296.25
Philadelphia, PA $19.43 $291.45
Phoenix, AZ $21.52 $322.80
Portland, OR $21.08 $316.20
Raleigh/Durham, NC $20.75 $311.25
Reno, NV $23.49 $352.25
Richmond, VA $20.97 $314.55
Sacramento, CA $21.60 $324.00
San Antonio, TX $16.14 $242.10
San Diego, CA $21.88 $328.20
San Francisco, CA $26.75 $401.25
Seattle, WA $25.30 $379.30
Tampa Bay, FL $18.09 $271.35
Washington, DC $21.56 $323.40

How to secure your after-school sitter

We surveyed 500 sitters looking for an after-school job to determine what would influence them to take the after-school nanny job and what hourly rate they’d expect. Based on their feedback, here are 5 tips to help you secure your after-school child care.

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1. Provide a Gas Allowance

High gas prices are at the top of sitters’ minds when using their own car for school pick-ups. With 69% influenced by an allowance for gas, this is a factor sitters consider when determining if the job fits them. If you live in an area where public transportation is the prevalent method of getting around, consider a weekly transportation stipend.

2. Guarantee Weekly Hours

To make an after-school job worthwhile, a majority of sitters (66%) want guaranteed hours each week. 50% prefer 10-20 hours per week and 24% between 20-25 hours per week.

3. Consider a Flexible Schedule

If your family’s schedule allows it, offering a flexible schedule for part-time care is highly sought after and would influence 64% of sitters to say yes to an after-school job offer. One option for flexibility is allowing the sitter to choose which days of the week they work (M-W-F or Tu-Th-F) or certain days they stay later and others they don’t.

4. Pay a Competitive After-School Babysitter Rate

One of the top questions is, “How much should you pay an after-school sitter?” The ideal hourly after-school babysitter rate is around $22 per hour—that’s about $330 per week based on 15 hours. With that said, there is variability by city and region. San Francisco is the most expensive city per hour at $26.75/hr. San Antonio, TX, is the least expensive city, at $16.14/hr. To attract the right sitter for pick-ups and after school, ensure you offer your sitter a competitive babysitter hourly rate.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an hourly rate, according to our survey, 49% of sitters would accept flat rates. Flat rates are usually provided by the day, with 51% stating they offer daily rates, 26% offer weekly flat rates, and 12% offer monthly flat rates.

5. Include Other Perks

Including a few other perks in the job, such as offering a car service when the sitter works late, is another popular deal sweetener. Easy parking and convenient location are also ranked highly for sitters. 

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Alternatives to after-school babysitters

While hiring an after-school babysitter can be a great solution, there are other viable alternatives to consider:

  1. School Care Programs: Many public schools and private schools offer school care programs that provide supervision and activities for children until parents can pick them up. These programs are often more affordable and offer a structured environment for children to complete homework, participate in enrichment activities, and socialize with peers.

  2. Child care centers and daycare providers often have after-school programs that cater to school-age children. These daycare centers are staffed by professional child care providers who offer a variety of activities and ensure children are well-cared for.

  3. Private Nanny:  For families needing more personalized and full-time care, hiring a full-time nanny can be an excellent option. While this may be more expensive, it offers the benefit of dedicated one-on-one attention and can be tailored to your child’s specific needs and schedule.  If you have one child with the nanny during the school day and add in your other child or children for after school, consider a blended rate that accounts for the number of children under your nanny’s care.

  4. Drop-In Care: Some child care services offer drop-in care options that provide flexibility for parents. This can be a cost-effective solution for families who require occasional child care without committing to a regular schedule.

  5. Community and Youth Centers: Local community centers, YMCA programs, and Boys & Girls Clubs often offer after-school programs that are both affordable and enriching. These programs focus on various activities, from sports to arts and crafts, providing a well-rounded experience for children.

Discounts and financial considerations

Consider taking advantage of various discounts and financial strategies to make after-school care more affordable. Many providers offer sibling discounts and 2nd child discounts. Additionally, some childcare services provide a military discount for families of service members. Paying for services upfront can sometimes earn you a pre-payment discount, lowering expenses.

Set yourself up for success in finding after-school care.

Communication is essential in hiring an after-school sitter. Before hiring the sitter, communicate if you have flexibility in the hours for the position. If the sitter drives the kids in their car, communicate about an added gas allowance. Estimating how many hours a week or month you’ll need is also helpful. UrbanSitter makes sharing all these details in a job post easy. You’ll find the perfect person to provide quality care if you follow these valuable tips and pay a competitive hourly after-school care rate.

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After-school child care, solved.

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