4 Fun Holiday Projects that Make Great Gifts from Kids

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of UrbanSitter to score a sitter or two so you can get out to enjoy a holiday party or take care of some shopping without the kids. Why not make it fun for the kids and a little easier on the sitter by leaving them with instructions and supplies for holiday crafts to tackle together?

We’ve selected four crafts that will score big points with kids and are simple enough as to not to stress out the sitter. What’s even better? These crafts make awesome homemade gifts. Your kids will love wrapping their masterpiece and will beam with pride when they deliver it to a lucky recipient this holiday season.

Our top four, fun-to-make, homemade gifts, along with instructions and a handy shopping list for each:

  1. 1. Salt Dough Hand Print Ornament

Those tiny hands, whether they belong to your newborn or your 7-year-old, won’t last for long. These classic handprint ornaments made with salt dough are an adorable, touching way to cement a moment in time.  You’ll cherish them so much, you won’t want to give them away… so have the sitter and your kids make one for you, too.  Click for instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need to leave the sitter:

4 cups of flour

1 cup salt

Food coloring

Large Mixing Bowl

Cookie sheet

Canola oil

Small rolling pin

Drinking straw


Photo by Stephanie Severin
Photo by Stephanie Severin

2. Magnified Magnets

This is a good project for bigger kids who have better focus and dexterity than their younger  siblings. Half the fun of the project is hunting down tiny pictures to fit on the back of glass pebbles. Good places to search for images include: scraps of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, homemade drawings, and thumbprints made with a stamp pad. Simply cut out the image and glue it right side up to the flat side of a glass pebble. Once dry, glue a magnet to the back of it. The blogger gives you more detailed instructions, and lots of photo for inspiration.

You’ll need the following, available from a craft supply store:

3/4 inch circle punch

Glass accent marbles/pebbles


Stamp pad

Craft paper, wrapping paper, cards

¾ inch magnets

3. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Photo by: food.com/938006

This is a yummy cooking project for kids of various ages.  Everyone can help break up the chocolate; older kids, with the help of a sitter, can dip the pretzels into melted chocolate (candy canes work well for dipping, too); and little ones can sprinkle and/or roll pretzels in crushed candy, sprinkles, nuts or coconut. There is no shortage of recipes for this one, but here’s a favorite of ours.

You’ll need:

Pretzels rods or candy canes

Chocolate chips or melting chips

Candy, sprinkles, nuts, coconut – anything you want to roll them in

Wax paper for cooling pretzels

  1. Holiday Cards

crafts for kidsHere’s a good project for preschoolers. It’s a DIY holiday card using their handprint and finger paint. The instructions recommend using washable finger paint because it’s thicker and of course, easier to clean up than the real deal paint. You simply help kids coat their palm in paint and press it onto the front of cardstock to make a Christmas tree or menorah. You can use other colors and fingerprints to decorate the tree if you are making a Christmas tree print, or for the flames on the tips of the menorah candles.  It’s a simple project that requires few materials, and  produces great results.

You’ll need:

Finger paint


Paint brush


Have you found other holiday crafts for kids that your kids are going ga-ga for? We’d love to hear about them. Please share with us!

Babysitting Gift Cards: The Best Holiday Gift Ever

The holidays are quickly approaching, and everyone will be scrambling to find that “perfect” gift for family and friends. Make it easy this year – avoid the malls, the crowds, and send the perfect gift for the moms and dads in your life: UrbanSitter babysitting gift cards!

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UrbanSitter gift cards are easy to use and delivered instantly by email (or printed at home, if you prefer). Your gift recipient decides how to use their gift card—to book and pay a babysitter, get membership, or both.

Don’t just wait for a holiday to purchase a babysitting gift card

UrbanSitter babysitting gift cards are the perfect gift for every occasion:

  • Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers
  • Birthday presents
  • Baby shower gifts
  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • Father’s Day gifts
  • Gifts for co-workers

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5 Strategies for Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Perfect Mother's Day Gift, perfect mothers day gifts, mothers day ideas

Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift for the mother of your children or your own mother doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Here are five strategies for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show your love and appreciation for the special women in your life.

5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Choose something you already know she loves.
    You can’t go wrong when you buy something you know she’d choose for herself, such as her favorite perfume or skin care product, a gift certificate to a beloved restaurant or a fresh pair of her favorite sneakers.
    via Diptyque Paris
    via Diptyque Paris


  1. Give her time to herself.
    Any busy mother can attest that no matter how much she adores her children, time alone to do whatever she pleases is often the rarest and most cherished moments of daily life. Take the kids for the afternoon so she can have lunch with friends or lounge on the sofa with a good book. UrbanSitter always has available sitters who would love to help for an afternoon, night out or even for a weekend get-away. UrbanSitter gift cards are a fantastic gift for busy moms to use to get away whenever they choose.
  2. Turn to the classics.
    It may seem generic, but there’s a reason why classic gifts for moms are so popular. A lovely bouquet of flowers (extra points for remembering her favorite blooms), a box of decadent chocolates, and jewelry are timeless symbols of love and they never go out of style. Monogrammed or other personalized choices, such as these versatile bracelets and bangles from Mark and Graham are thoughtful and appeal to many tastes. Have one engraved with her monogram or the initials of her children.
    via Mark and Graham
    via Mark and Graham


  1. Give her your time.
    Many mothers would love nothing better than to spend some quality time with their always-so-busy children or spouse. Give your mother or your partner time spent together with you. Choose something that works for you both, like a cooking class, a visit to a new museum exhibit, tickets to a new play or just dinner made by you or even a special lunch squeezed in during the week.
Tante Maria Cooking School

Tante Marie Cooking School


  1. Deliver a gift from the heart.
    Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that mean the most. You’re never too old to create a personal, handmade card or letter that tells your mom how you feel about her or reminds her of some of your most precious memories together. A collection of old photos that bring back happy memories and feelings of nostalgia or new photos of your children are always wonderfully heartfelt and memorable, too.

Our warmest wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers and yours! Need a babysitter to watch the kids while you celebrate Mother’s Day? Join UrbanSitter to browse profiles, sort by pay rate, and book jobs online.


Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

Nothing says you care quite as much as bringing delicious food to someone in need. Whether it’s a new mom, a mom-to-be on bed rest, a sick friend or even a new neighbor, anyone going through a transitional or stressful time will appreciate not having to prepare a meal for her family.


However, as much as we all like to lend a helping hand by bringing a meal or a special treat to eat, it can be tough for busy parents to make it happen. Here are 8 unique ideas for bringing nourishing food to a family in need, none of which require much, if any, time in the kitchen.

Sandwich tray. A deli tray with assorted cold cuts, cheeses, breads and toppings, such as sliced tomatoes, lettuce leaves and a jar of pickles is fail-safe. The nice thing about a deli tray is that it provides a simple, light, serve-yourself meal, and will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. It’s nice to know there’s something in the refrigerator to quickly throw together a meal for your family or company dropping in any time of day.

Breakfast spread. Pick up fresh bagels, a loaf of cinnamon bread, an artisanal or homemade jam, juice and seasonal fruit. It’s extra nice if you turn the fruit into a fruit salad or simply slice it, so there’s nothing to prep. Throw in a gallon of milk and you might just save her a trip to the store this week.

Lunchbox duty. A mom of school-age kids would flip for someone to make a week’s worth of lunches for her kids to take to school. Check out our Awesome Lunchbox Ideas Pinterest board for unique ideas that kids will love.

Basket of fresh produce. A mom receiving meals from friends is likely up to her eyeballs in lasagnas and other heavy dishes. It’s likely she’ll appreciate a bounty of fresh produce to feed her family. Make a stop at your local farmer’s market and load up a pretty basket with yummy, seasonal finds that can be eaten with little or no prep.

A meal fit for a king. A holiday-worthy ham (ready to eat) and delivered with a bag of crusty rolls and some mayo and mustard for serving.

Donuts for dad. The spouse of a woman on bed rest or recovering from a recent birth, is working double duty. Show him you care by dropping off donuts, muffins, or fresh pastries, along with a to-go container of coffee and juice for him and his colleagues.

Homemade cookie dough. Ingenious idea – make a batch of your favorite cookie dough, drop scoops of it on a cookie sheet and freeze. The lucky recipient can bake them for a nice treat for her kids with minimal effort.

Fresh salads. When we think of bringing someone a meal, we think of a casserole, hearty stew and baked dish. How about fresh salads? Simple Bites provides lots of great recipes for fresh salads in a jar. The salads can be dressed, shaken and eaten at any time, which makes them perfect for a quick lunch or side at dinner.

No matter what you bring your friend in need, she’ll appreciate that you took the time to think of her and made an effort to lighten her load. Perhaps a break from the kids would make for a nice treat, too. Pick up an UrbanSitter gift card to go along with your bounty of good food!

Perfect DIY Holiday Gifts for Kids to Give

molli-xmas copyTeach kids the joy of giving by helping them to choose or create thoughtful, personal DIY gifts for best buddies and loved ones in their lives.

They won’t have to save years of allowance and birthday money or toil away hours of their after-school time crafting to give these sweet gifts that capture the real meaning of the holiday season.

For more DIY holiday gift ideas, visit our Pinterest holiday board!

7 Handmade Holiday Gifts Ideas

Thumbprint String of Lights Canvas

An endearing gift of tiny thumbprints turned into a string of holiday lights make a lovely, homemade cardthough they are certainly worthy of a frameand simple enough for the tiniest of thumbs.

via Beneath the Rowan Tree
via Beneath the Rowan Tree

Photobook of Artwork

You know that pile of your child’s precious artwork that seems to multiply exponentially every time he empties his school bag? You may be able to whittle it down without guilt by creating a fantastic photo book of the one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Help your child pick favorites he created throughout the year and quickly and easily compile them into a Mixbook photo book worthy of coffee table space.

via Mixbook
via Mixbook


Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments

Grab a whole lot of cinnamon, some applesauce, ground cloves, a heart cookie cutter, string and a pair of little hands who are ready to dive in and do some kneading.  These adorable creations are fun to make, will have your home smelling divine, and will provide festive fragrance to their recipient’s tree for years to come. Remember–as good as they look and smell, they are not edible!

via Katy Elliot
via Katy Elliot

Personalized Coffee Mug

If you want to make a quick and easy gift that’s also heartfelt, check out these mugs personalized with a porcelain marker. The instructions provided by Crafts Tuts Plus show you how to transfer ready-made designs or create your own. They also provide free, printable templates for creating adorable monster images, but you can obviously create your own. Just remember that any design transferred with this technique will be mirrored, so you may want to have your little artist stick with pictures instead of text.

via Crafts Tuts Plus
via Crafts Tuts Plus


Canvas Silhouette Paintings

Full disclosure – this isn’t one for the kids to create, but it sure is sweet for them to give to an adoring grandparent or special loved one. The DIY is on you, but it’s fairly simple. You’ll need a canvas, acrylic paints, foam brush or roller, and a vinyl sheet. Essentially, you will take a photo of your child’s profile, print it on regular paper and then on the vinyl sheet, which will stick to the canvas. Once secured, you can paint the area around the silhouette and cleanly peel over the vinyl. Eye-popping and personal without being too traditional.

Silhouettes by Honest to Nod
Silhouettes by Honest to Nod


Giving to Those Who Need it the Most

Give the gift of changing the world. Kids can either choose to give to a cause in need or send a gift card that allows someone else to support a cause near and dear to their own heart. GlobalGiving Gift Cards allows the recipient to choose a project that they would like to support – choosing by location or theme, for example – and watch how the money is put to work through regular updates from the field. Causes include many that are relatable even to young children. What better gift than to show children that each of us can make a difference?

via GlobalGiving
via GlobalGiving

If you’re hoping one of these heart-warming gifts ends up with your name on it, leave some craft supplies and instructions for the sitter to tackle with your kids.

UrbanSitter.com has plenty of babysitters ready and willing to jump on some DIY time with the kids!

Mother’s Day Gifts for You and Yours

As mothers, we have soft spots for the homemade, sentimental Mother’s Day gifts lovingly created for us by our children’s own little hands. These gifts are priceless and precious, and no store-bought bauble can compare. However, it is nice to receive or give a thoughtful gift in addition to the homemade goodies.

Whether you are buying for a special person in your life or hoping to drop a few hints of what you might like, we’ve rounded up 10 pretty perfect presents just in time for Mothers Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

1. Georgie Elastic Ballet Flat

Loeffler Randall pale gold, cracked metallic leather with silver detail ballet flats aren’t just easy on the eye. They’re easy on your feet, too, thanks to a smart rubber, non-slip sole. Whether you are headed to the office or the playground, your “sensible shoes” never looked so good. Loeffler Randall. $195.

Loeffler Randall
Loeffler Randall

2. Montauk Pareo

What’s a pareo, you say? It’s ingenious. It’s a beach blanket, a stroller blanket,  a scarf, a sarong, even a sundress. Serena and Lily’s new summer pareo collection includes preppy prints, subdued stripes, and splashy graphics. We love them all. Serena and Lily $38.

Serena and Lily
Serena and Lily

3. Duraclear Tumbler Set 

Matchbook Magazine

Williams Sonoma acrylic tumblers (by way of Matchbookmag.com) are just the thing to kick off “cocktails on the patio” season. The set includes 6 tumblers made from crystal-clear, shatter-resistant polycarbonate that looks like glass. Because they won’t break or crack, the glasses are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Matchbookmag.com $30.

4. Cooking and Baking Classes

Sur La Table has an impressive series of hands-on cooking and baking classes that would be a lovely way to spend the day with your mother, friend or daughter. Sign up online for their Mother’s Day Macarons, Mommy & Me Bake Cupcakes, or several other classes.  They have locations throughout the country.

Baking Classes
Sur La Table

5. Babysitting Gift Card from UrbanSitter


UrbanSitter offers babysitting gift cards, so you can give any mom the ultimate luxury  – free time. You can send gift cards instantly by email or print to give in person. They can be used toward babysitting services (for a night out) and membership options. Buy now at UrbanSitter. Variety of gift card values available.

6. Crystal Stud Earrings

No need for anyone to break the bank on diamonds. Swarovski crystals formed into crosses on these stud earrings from AUDEN are sparkly and stylish (and a lot safer than wearing dangle earrings or hoops while carrying babies!). Shopbop. $138.


7. Monogrammed Acrylic Picture Frame

So pretty and personalized with a pink monogram, this frame make any photo extra special. Go the extra mile and include a photo of the grandkids or an oldie but goodie of you and your mom. Design Darling. $22.

Design Darling

8. Oliver People’s Lucille Sunglasses

A new sunglass shape for the season, the Lucille has a feminine cat eye that’s both sassy and lady-like. Supposedly, it’s inspired by Hollywood starlets of the 1980s. Maybe you’ll feel like one! EyeGoodies $240.

Oliver Peoples

9. Sonya Layered Charm Necklace

A separate charm for each child, or maybe one for your own initials and another for your baby’s? There are lots of ways to personalize the charms on this necklace to make them just right for their lucky recipient. Available in Sterling Silver or 14k gold fill. Mark & Graham. $167.00 – $180.00

Graham & Spencer

10. Calypso Tunic

Bright, colorful tunics are figure-flattering and comfy. Wear one as a swimsuit cover-up or to top off white jeans or shorts for a cute, carefree outfit. We’re loving the elephant print (symbols of good luck), but there are several other prints available if you aren’t so keen on the pachyderm. Available at Sheridan French. $265.

Sheridan French

Looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift? Buy an UrbanSitter babysitting gift card. Delivered instantly by email to Mom.

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Gifts

Whether you are looking to buy a baby shower gift for a first-timer or a veteran Mom, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of these cool gifts to help your pal welcome her new baby.

  • Handmade Onesies

DIY Onesie by Bump Smitten
DIY Onesie by Bump Smitten

Nothing says love quite like homemade does. If you’re up for a DIY project, try your hand at a few appliqued onesies. A new Mom can never have too many of these baby wardrobe staples, and it’s so much nicer to have a set of adorable choices rather than the standard plain. The artistically talented can hand-sketch any design – a baby bird, owl, bunny or sunshine, maybe?  For the rest of us, simple templates make the job a breeze, and you can truly make it your own with fabric choices. The tutorial here gives step-by-step directions, and a link to buy the handy templates.

  • Fabulous Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes via Nordstrom
Baby Shoes via Nordstrom

A Fashionista Mama will appreciate a pair of oh-so-fab shoes to start her princess off on the right foot.  Any pair of ridiculously cute or glam shoes that are likely impractical and perhaps over-priced for what you get, are sure to cause an explosion of delight from every shower attendee, especially the lucky Mom who gets to take them home. We found so many too-good-to-pass-up options, but these flower-topped, satin and sequin mary janes with a matching headband are our top choice (at least for today).

  • Baby Equipment That Doesn’t End Up in the Attic Before Their First Birthday

Tripp Trapp high chair via Land of Nod
Tripp Trapp high chair via Land of Nod

If you have a baby, you are well aware of how agonizingly quickly they outgrow the (pricey!) equipment deemed so critical for such a short time. Rather than add to a new mom’s soon-to-be stockpile of toys, gifts and gadgets, why not gather a group of friends and collectively buy her a high chair that can truly be used for years? The Tripp Trapp by Stokke has an add-on accessory to make it just right for babies as young as six-months and then expands to work as a dining chair for as long as your child will sit in it. Another perk – it looks pretty darn good. So much better than most alternatives.

  • Comfort and Style

Cashmere Jersey Robe via Saks Fifth Ave.
Cashmere Jersey Robe via Saks Fifth Ave.

Th poor girl will likely be left to fend for herself when it comes to clothing and caring for herself once that baby arrives.  Show her that she need not forego her sense of style or comfort when she becomes someone’s mother. A new outfit might be tough to buy for a woman who’s body is in the midst of a major transformation, but you can’t go wrong with a luxurious robe to make those middle of the night feedings a little less brutal.

  • Get Personal

Personalized Pillow, Sprout SF - Pinterest Image
Personalized Pillow, Sprout SF – Pinterest Image

If you’re feeling pretty confident that the ultrasound technician got it right when she announced the sex of the soon-to-arrive baby and you are convinced that the parents are dead-set on their name choice,  go for a first name and year of birth monogrammed pillow. If you’d rather wait for proof, send a belated shower (or welcome new baby) gift. These modern birth announcement pillows and blankets are super cool and well worth the wait.

It’s a bit early now, but don’t forget to tell the mom-to-be about UrbanSitter. It won’t be long before she needs a night off!

Last Minute Gifts For You and Yours

Tick, tick, tick…. You are running out of shopping time! Check out the UrbanSitter Pinterest Boards, including Mommy Wish List, Gifts for Nannies and Sitters, and Gifts for Babies and Kids, and grab those last few gifts before it’s too late. Here are a few of our favorite last-minute choices from our boards. Here’s hoping they’ll work for that so-hard-to-buy-for someone on your list.

For YOU.


Drop a few of these hints his way:

We LOVE this! For $179, you get a professional to design a room in your home. Includes a floor plan, furniture layout, 3D rendering, colors, finishes fabrics, and a shopping list that will save you countless hours (days, weeks, months, if you are like us) of agonizing over the perfect pieces for your dream room.  You can purchase a gift certificate for the service on their website.

http-::pinterest.com:pin:51580358203603770:No need to saddle him with a bunch of research. The Nikon COOLPIX S800c is a really solid grab-and-go camera for throwing in a purse or diaper bag.

It’s reasonably priced and not hard to find. We found it at Best Buy on sale for $299.99.


These calfskin leopard-print gloves from J.Crew are so elegant, and are just the right touch to spunk up your neutral coat. They are foolproof, unless of course they just don’t fit, in which case you could always return them and find something that suits you at the uber-Mom friendly store. On sale now for $99.99.

For your favorite sitter or nannies.

Yes, you should probably give you a little something beyond just a higher hourly rate during the holiday season (although no one has ever bemoaned a boost in pay!). Why not pick her up something thoughtful and let your kids deliver it to her next time she babysits. Good choices, include:


A Tory Burch cosmetics case looks lux and is sure to make any girlie girl smile from ear to ear. We found it at Nordstrom for $55. Grab one near you (they even wrap it quite nicely) or order by Dec. 21 to have it shipped in time for Christmas.


A gift set from Fresh bestows a bit of pampering. It includes three products that promise to deliver spa-like Zen. Though we can’t vouch for that claim, we can attest that they smell really, really good. Order straight from Fresh and expedite shipping.


If she’s making coffee for one, a French Press is the way to go. We love this one from Bodum, available through illy for only $25. The red rocks and the coffee really good, too.

For Babies and Kids on your list.

Whether Santa’s been slacking or the neighbor’s kids just brought gifts for yours and left you standing there empty handed, fear not. These will work well:


Tobbles Stacking Toy truly looks like sculpture. Kids will love it and design-savvy parents will appreciate your good eye. If you can’t run to the MOMA store to pick one up, order online. It’s a steal at $25 and $22.50 for museum members.


Make it easy on yourself and grab two gifts in one trip. MOMA has so much to offer… like the Remote Control Spaceman. So dang cool! It’s $26 and even less if you’re a member.


Whether boy or girl, baby or teen, any kid digs new, cozy jammies for Christmas morning.  Get a pair for $29.50 at Garnet Hill. You can save a bit if you buy more than one pair, and Garnet Hill is covering the rush shipping.

Hope you found what you’re looking for!  Don’t forget – you can easily book a sitter on UrbanSitter so you can shop without the  kids!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Wish List for Mom

Christmas Gift for Mommy, Mommy Gift, Mom Gift, Holiday Gift for Mom

Too busy obsessing over getting the perfect shot of your kids for your holiday card or tackling your shopping list to think about what you might like to put on your gift wish list for Santa to bring for you? Breath easy. You won’t get stuck with an unwanted kitchen appliance or a really bad sweater if you whisper a few of these ideas into Santa’s ear.

Holiday Gift Wish List for Mom

  • The thrilling thought of a shiny new bike waiting under the tree reminds us that we’re still the same inside as we were when we were very young.  You’ll love riding the Linus bike, modeled after vintage French bicycles, just as much as you loved your very first bike.
  • A new set of dishes would be mighty nice. Start building a set from Heath Ceramics, the San Francisco Bay Area company renown for its artisan pottery that stands the test of time. You can customize a set to match your taste and your décor, and can choose from a range of colors that reflect current style.
  •  If you’re anything like us, around 3 in the afternoon you start to watch the clock in anticipation of the bedtime hour. Sure, it’s nice to get the kids down so you can have a moment of quiet, but the real appeal of the bedtime hour is that it means you can trade your jeans for your comfiest, coziest PJs. Chances are your go-to loungewear could use a refresh. How about slipping into these grown-up, chic jammies from the Belgian company, Lounge Lovers,  that feel as good as they look?  (The robe is cashmere and a brilliant so-much-better-than-black lapis blue!)
  • If your Santa is the kind who isn’t afraid of a little creative DIY, start dropping a link to this cool site in his inbox. With minor effort, he can create a custom, very sleek photo book from Moleskin that is sure to pull at your heartstrings. Think of the possibilities (you could suggest) – your child’s first year, your family trip to Disneyworld, your 35th birthday celebration weekend with the girls.
  • When it’s time to take it up on a notch from your trusty cardigan, slip on this number – a faux fur jacket from Ella Moss.  It works with anything from skinnies and a tee to a cocktail dress, and takes you straight into One Hot Mama territory.
  • Feeling sentimental? Add a heirloom-quality Collector’s Locket to your list, engraved, of course. It’s so pretty you can wear it everyday and before you know it, your daughter will start to think of it as a part of you. How perfect for when you pass it down to her on her wedding day, the day she leaves for college, or maybe when she’s just made you especially proud to be her mom.
  • Personal stationery always comes in handy and instantly says you’ve got it together. Choose one that fits you – whether it have a signature color, a modern monogram, something glitzy and glam or just plain tasteful and chic. Whatever says You. Maybe it’ll inspire you to send spontaneous “just because” notes to those you love.
  • Did anyone ever tell you that the best gifts (that actually come in packages) usually come in small packages? In this case, it’s the dead truth. This watch by Michael Kors makes a big statement, it’s wrap-around bracelet strap taking it a step further than just a time-telling piece.

Need a babysitter while you attend a holiday party or go shopping without the kids? Join UrbanSitter to browse profiles, sort by pay rate, and book jobs online.

UrbanSitter has not been paid to feature any of the products shown above. These are personal favorites of the editors of the UrbanSitter blog and do not reflect endorsement by UrbanSitter, Inc.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Ideas

This one is for the husbands. (Or, for the wives who want to leave this in his briefcase.)

What does your wife want for Mother’s Day? Most moms are reluctant to ask for anything, but if you dig just a little deeper, you’ll find there are plenty of “presents” she’d love to receive. So take a hint and give her something really special this year.

1. A day off. There’s nothing like it. Even better if she’s in her own home — by herself.

2. Flowers. Cliche, but really not. Can you remember the last time she received an arrangement?

3. An afternoon off. You get the idea.

4. A gift certificate to the local hotel spa or day spa. Make sure she’s welcome to stay the whole day and use the facilities — pool, lunch, etc.

5. Something homemade from the kids. This should accompany another gift, but anything with crooked little letters and haphazard glue warms the heart.

6. A spectacular date — planned entirely by you. Take the reigns and devise something fun and different. Horse races? Theatre?

7. A new sweater or a whole outfit. Not lingerie. And please get the sales lady at Macy’s/J.Crew/Saks to help you. Even if she returns part or all of it, she’ll be touched you tried.

8. Art. Anything from a photograph of the first city you lived in (together) to a reprint of her favorite artist’s most obscure work, to a jewelry box you found in that out-of-the-way gift shop.

9. A cleaning lady, or a deep clean of the carpets and windows. The key is she won’t have to plan it or feel guilty for spending the money. And maybe get her flowers, too.

10. A dinner made by you. Hire a sitter to take the kids out or drop them at the grandparents for the night and make her a gourmet meal from start to finish. Even if you aren’t a star in the kitchen, you’ll both laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Bonus points for a fabulous bottle of champagne or her favorite (expensive) wine!