Meet super talented virtual babysitters

virtual_sittingVirtual babysitting opens up a world of exciting possibilities for kids to take yoga lessons, drawing classes, and even get homeschool help—all from the safety of home, while their parents get tasks done or work from home.

And, since virtual babysitting takes place over video chat, parents can hire sitters who live anywhere in the country, so they can book the best of the best. To book a virtual babysitter, hire one of the sitters below or post a job on UrbanSitter (Hint: Set your address to any major city for the biggest selection of sitters!). And, be sure to book jobs in your sitter’s local timezone.

Here are a few super talented babysitters ready to engage and entertain kids with a virtual babysitting session!

Singing & Music

Singing, reading, homeschooling, teaching Spanish
110 Reviews | 102 Repeat families

Singing, reading, acting out stories, finger play
32 Reviews | 23 Repeat families

Singing, reading stories, learning the alphabet and counting
42 Reviews | 45 Repeat families

Singing, reading, telling jokes, teaching knitting
28 Reviews | 26 Repeat families

Singing, storytelling/reading, science experiments, crafts, cooking, tutoring
16 Reviews | 1 Repeat family

Singing, reading
36 Reviews | 24 Repeat families

Singing, teaching piano
11 Reviews | 9 Repeat families

Singing, story time, helping with schoolwork
11 Reviews | 8 Repeat families

Singing, reading, helping with homework
6 Reviews | 2 Repeat families

Singing, doing flash cards
7 Reviews | 8 Repeat families

Yoga & Dance

Yoga, teaching violin
18 Reviews | 17 Repeat families

Dance parties, yoga, reading, help with homework
7 Reviews | 8 Repeat families

Ballet, choreography, coloring, drawing, origami
62 Reviews | 60 Repeat families

Yoga, children’s games
18 Reviews | 16 Repeat families

Dancing, yoga, reading, home schooling
21 Reviews | 15 Repeat families

Exercising, Spanish language, meditation
19 Reviews | 9 Repeat families

Yoga, teaching art, reading, homeschooling
18 Reviews | 8 Repeat families

Dance, yoga, story time, singing
18 Reviews | 8 Repeat families

Yoga, homeschooling
6 Reviews | 2 Repeat families

Yoga, cooking, music
7 Reviews | 4 Repeat families

Homeschool & Tutoring

Homeschooling (elementary), tutoring, reading, stretching exercises
45 Reviews | 35 Repeat families

Homeschooling, tutoring, teaching Dutch
50 Reviews | 51 Repeat families

Homeschooling (preschool, elementary), reading stories
23 Reviews | 14 Repeat families

Homeschooling, reading stories, playing games
17 Reviews | 15 Repeat families

Homeschooling (elementary)
6 Reviews | 3 Repeat families

Tutoring in phonics, elementary math, elementary science, middle and high school writing, biology, algebra, geometry, trigonometry
7 Reviews

Homeschooling, reading stories
6 Reviews | 3 Repeat families

Tutoring in math
13 Reviews | 6 Repeat families

Reading & Storytime

Reading stories, playing games, creating stories together
37 Reviews | 21 Repeat families

Reading, art, science projects
30 Reviews | 20 Repeat families

Reading, storytime
9 Reviews | 5 Repeat families

9 Reviews | 6 Repeat families

Reading stories, dance parties, I spy
9 Reviews | 7 Repeat families

Telling stories, puzzles, teaching meditation, drawing together
8 Reviews | 9 Repeat families

Reading stories, practicing ABC’s, math, science, art
6 Reviews | 6 Repeat families

Reading stories, Spanish language
6 Reviews | 5 Repeat families

18 Reviews | 17 Repeat families

Homework help (K-4th grade)
13 Reviews | 26 Repeat families

For the latest updates on UrbanSitter COVID-19 childcare, please visit our FAQ: Coronavirus Precautions and Resources.

What is a virtual babysitter? Does it actually work?

virtual babysitter doing yoga with child

Wondering if a virtual babysitter is right for you? As families continue to social distance, we know we’ll see less traditional babysitting. But, that doesn’t mean parents don’t need help right now! Many dual working families are struggling to keep up with work and homeschooling, and even an hour of time to themselves could be what keeps them sane.

What do virtual sitters do?

Many babysitters and nannies are now offering virtual babysitter services via video calls. During a virtual sitting, a babysitter or nanny keeps a child happy and engaged with activities suitable for video chat, such as storytime for younger kids and homework help for older kids. Parents are always at home, but likely in a separate room either working or taking care of chores.

Tips for success

To prevent screen time fatigue, these types of virtual jobs should be kept to 1-2 hours long only. Some parents book several virtual jobs to cover their work day with necessary breaks for the kids in-between. Virtual sitting is also more successful with older children, who are more familiar with engaging over video.

Additionally, several families can share a virtual sitter by using video conference software. This saves families money, make sitters more money, and create more fun for the kids! Wondering how much to pay a virtual babysitter? View average babysitting rates in your city.

Examples of virtual babysitting activities:

Younger children:

  • Storytime
  • Singing songs
  • Pretend play
  • Charades 
  • Dance party or competition
  • Letter/color of the day
  • Counting practice 
  • Practice reading aloud
  • Telling jokes
  • Play “I spy…”
  • Tour of each other’s homes
  • Child introduces all of their stuffed animals or toys
  • Simple crafts with household items

Older children:

  • Virtual learning & homework help
  • Music lessons
  • Drawing lesson or draw each other’s face 
  • Pictionary 
  • Exercise together 
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Origami
  • Riddles
  • Play “20 questions”
  • Magic tricks 
  • Virtual board games or bingo
  • Compete to see who can build the tallest tower of playing cards or plastic cups

UrbanSitter babysitters: If you have a virtual babysitting specialty, consider adding it to your profile.  For example, if you teach yoga, let parents know you’d be up for teaching a virtual yoga lesson.

See here for UrbanSitter’s most recent COVID-19 health and safety information.

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COVID-19’s impact on babysitters and caregivers

infant playing

Wondering how babysitters and nannies are being impacted by shelter-in-place and social distancing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic? In April 2020, we surveyed more than 600 UrbanSitter sitters and nannies and here’s what they had to say:

Income struggle

  • Sitters & nannies reported an average of an 84% drop in babysitting business since COVID-19.
  • 15% of sitters and nannies are supplementing their income by working in food delivery, finding online work such as teaching, tutoring and virtual babysitting, or by filing for unemployment.

Eager for work

  • 68% are willing to work for parents who are “essential workers” in fields such as healthcare, grocery and government.
  • 20% would move in and “shelter-in-place” with a family and another 24% said they might consider it.
  • 90% would also commit to working with just one family if enough hours were guaranteed. 45% of those sitters said they’d want more than 20 hours of work per week guaranteed.

Virtual babysitting

  • 74% of sitters are interested in “virtual babysitting” jobs to entertain kids for limited periods of time over video chat, while a parent is at home but working or occupied with other tasks.
  • Of these sitters, 57% would charge their normal babysitting hourly rate, while 32% would charge less, and 11% would charge more than their normal rate.
  • 89% have a special talent that would engage kids virtually. Top talents include reading stories, singing, teaching yoga, helping with homeschooling/tutoring, teaching a foreign language and dancing.

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