Remote Babysitting. Let’s give it a try! (Parents in the home, of course.)

kids yoga

As more and more cities have shelter-in-place mandates, and people are trying to do their part with social distancing, we know we’ll see less traditional babysitting.  But, that doesn’t mean parents don’t need help right now!

Many dual working families are struggling to keep up with work and homeschooling, and even an hour of time to themselves could be what keeps them sane.

We encourage sitters to start offering remote sitting via video conferencing and parents to try it out!  Of course, parents will be home, but getting some time to themselves to get work done. This is an experiment for all of us, so we’d love to hear from anyone who tries this with tips on what’s working and what’s not.

We expect sitting engagements to be shorter in length, but you could try breaking it up into a couple of hour slots with a break in between.  Additionally, multiple families could share one sitter during these remote sessions with both children and the sitter from their own homes. This will save families some money, make sitters more money, and will make it more fun for the kids!

Here are some ideas.

Younger children:

  • Storytime
  • Singing songs
  • Charades 
  • Dance party or competition
  • Letter/color of the day
  • Counting practice 
  • Practice reading aloud
  • Telling jokes
  • Play “I spy…”
  • Tour of each other’s homes
  • Child introduces all of their stuffed animals or toys
  • Simple crafts with household items

Older children:

  • Virtual learning & homework help
  • Music lessons
  • Drawing lesson or draw each other’s face 
  • Pictionary 
  • Exercise together 
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Origami
  • Riddles
  • Play “20 questions”
  • Magic tricks 
  • Virtual board games or bingo
  • Compete to see who can build the tallest tower of playing cards or plastic cups

Sitters – If you have a specialty, consider adding it to your profile.  For example, if you teach yoga, let parents know you’d be up for trying a remote yoga class.

See here for our most recent health and safety information.

Your UrbanSitter Team