Parenting Issues In the Age of COVID

remote working parent

Early in 2020, UrbanSitter surveyed parents to find out how they were balancing child care and work during COVID-19. In November 2020, we checked back in with parents to find out how they’re managing parenting issues 6+ months into the pandemic, holiday 2020 plans, and their predictions for 2021. Parenting Issues: Child Care, Remote Working, Stressors […]

How much should I charge for babysitting?


Wondering how your babysitting rates compare with your peers? UrbanSitter surveyed nearly 1,000 babysitters and nannies to help you decide how much you should charge for babysitting. We’ve calculated the average babysitting rates sitters are charging and showing how this differs by city, level of education, years of experience, age, and ethnicity. As a job marketplace that caregivers turn to […]

5 Tips for Working from Home With Kids

working from home with kids

Being a working parent is really hard. Working from home with kids is — you guessed it —extremely hard. In fact, 87% of parents we surveyed in November 2020 said that working from home without childcare is “difficult” or “very difficult.” Though many parents have had a “one off working-from-home day” when a kid is sick, the reality […]

How to find a sitter for your pandemic pod

pod sitter

With many schools going online-only or adopting staggered schedules with distance learning days, some families are banding together to form at-home “pandemic pods” to provide child care, structure, socialization and educational help for their pod of children. Here are a few tips to finding a pod sitter or nanny to teach, tutor, or supervise for your pandemic pod, or visit our […]

Balancing Child Care & Work In The Age Of COVID – Infographic

COVID-19 Infographic

One thing we have learned over the past few months is that child care is essential for working parents, but it hasn’t been treated that way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents all across America are struggling to find a balance between working productively and managing the safety, socialization and education of their children. A recent […]

Introducing pet sitting!


Exciting news! UrbanSitter now offers pet sitting for dogs, cats and your other lovable animals (birds, hamsters, even snakes!). To book pet sitting, join UrbanSitter now and filter your search to find sitters who will pet sit dogs, cats or other pets. You’ll see a section on every sitter’s profile with their pet care details and special […]

Tips for hiring a babysitter during the pandemic

sitter reading to child

Considering hiring a babysitter or nanny during the coronavirus pandemic, but not sure how to do so safely? Here we share some best practices to evaluate the viability of an in-person childcare relationship and how to manage that relationship moving forward. Best Practices for Hiring Childcare during COVID-19 Verify that in-home childcare is allowed in your […]

Meet super talented virtual babysitters


Virtual babysitting opens up a world of exciting possibilities for kids to take yoga lessons, drawing classes, and even get homeschool help—all from the safety of home, while their parents get tasks done or work from home. And, since virtual babysitting takes place over video chat, parents can hire sitters who live anywhere in the country, so they can book the best of […]

Childcare options as parents return to work

Young asian woman talking on a mobile phone and working on laptop while her little daughter playing on a floor at home

  As the country begins to re-open and shelter-in-place restrictions ease, many employers and employees will be faced with the tough decisions about returning to the office. Making these decisions is even harder when many parent employees may not be comfortable sending their children back to daycare/preschool, or they have school aged children at home […]