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Curious about the pay rates for family caregivers? Whether you’re an in-home caregiver searching for fair compensation or someone seeking top-tier caregiving for a cherished senior, understanding local pay rates is crucial. Join us in uncovering the national and city-specific caregiver pay rates and salaries, ensuring the best for both caregivers and families.

The basics: What does a family caregiver do?

Family caregivers play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals who require assistance with various day-to-day tasks. From aiding with meal preparation and medication reminders to offering invaluable companionship, family caregivers serve as trusted allies, ensuring that your loved ones receive the care and attention they deserve.

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Factors that impact family caregiver rates:

When estimating in-home caregiver pay rates, it’s important to account for various factors, including your geographical location, the extent of responsibilities, the caregiver’s level of experience, and whether or not you’re paying caregivers under the table. For example, a live-in family caregiver salary estimate might include room and board compared to a part-time caregiver salary which would not. The most common costs to include in caregiver pay are:

      • Location

      • Level of care required

      • Caregiver experience, certifications, and skills

      • Job scope and responsibilities

      • Hours
    social security caregiver pay

    Average family caregiver pay rates

    Based on UrbanSitter’s latest data, the average companion care rate nationwide is $26.03/hr, with the monthly average wage being $3,818. Depending on the arrangement, a caregiver may be paid hourly, weekly, or bi-weekly. Here’s a snapshot of the average caregiver rates of pay across major U.S. cities:

    Family Caregiver Rate by U.S. City

    Area/U.S. City Average hourly rate Average weekly salary
    National $22.03 $3,818
    Atlanta, GA $18 $3,120
    Boston, MA $22 $3,813
    Charlotte, NC $18 $3,120
    Chicago, IL $20 $3,466
    Cleveland, OH $19 $3,293
    Colorado Springs, CO $19 $3,293
    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX $18 $3,121
    Denver, CO $20 $3,466
    Detroit, MI $20 $3,466
    Houston, TX $19 $3,293
    Las Vegas, NV $20 $3,466
    Los Angeles, CA $21 $3,640
    Miami, FL $18 $3,120
    Minneapolis, MN $20 $3,466
    New York City, NY $22 $3,813
    Philadelphia, PA $20 $3,466
    Phoenix, AZ $19 $3,293
    Portland, OR $20 $3,466
    Raleigh/Durham, NC $17 $2,946
    Reno, NV $19 $3,293
    Sacramento, CA $21 $3,640
    San Antonio, TX $17 $2,946
    San Diego, CA $21 $3,640
    San Francisco, CA $24 $4,160
    Seattle, WA $22 $3,813
    Washington, DC $21 $3,640

    *Rates are based The Economic Research Institute’s data, and weekly salaries are calculated on a 40-hour workweek. Rates are not based on paying caregivers under the table.

    How family caregiver pay varies by job scope:

    1. Basic companion care:  Caregivers providing primary companion care, such as emotional support and light household assistance, usually command lower compensation rates. Private caregiver hourly pay for this type of care can vary, with rates often reflecting the simplicity of the tasks involved.

    2. Personal care aide: Personal aides who assist with ADLs (Activities of daily living), like bathing and mobility, tend to earn higher pay than basic companion care. Private caregiver salary rates can be influenced by factors like location and required hours. For example, 24-hour caregiver costs are higher due to the continuous care required and the less desirable overnight shifts that must be covered.

    3. Live-in caregiver: The cost of live-in caregivers who offer round-the-clock assistance and live with the care recipient receive compensation that varies based on factors like location and the extent of care needed. Live-in caregiver pay per day can differ, and families should consider the overall cost of live-in caregiver arrangements, including room and board and salary.

    Whether you’re a dedicated family caregiver-to-be or someone seeking reliable caregiving, UrbanSitter has your back. Join the UrbanSitter community for access to trusted caregivers for your elderly loved ones. Let’s make caregiving exceptional!

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