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In a recent article on Employee Benefit News, UrbanSitter CEO and co-founder Lynn Perkins shared 5 must-have policies to get parents to return to the office after COVID. With 70% of businesses planning to be back in the office by the fall of 2021 and 54% of workers preferring to continue working remotely, employers have their work cut out for them convincing employees—especially parents—to return to the office.

Haven’t read the article? Here’s the executive summary.

#1 Child Care Benefits

According to our recent survey, the most desirable way employers can support working parents is by offering child care benefits. Employers like One Medical provide backup child care to their doctors and nurses through UrbanSitter, while PwC offers a suite of child care benefits: child care reimbursements, tutoring services, protected time, compressed workweeks, and sabbaticals. Offerings depend on the company’s budget and employee base needs.

#2 Hybrid and flexible schedules

Letting employees choose their own in-office days of the week and hours allows them the flexibility to take care of non-work responsibilities, such as school pick ups or caring for an elderly relative. Companies including Ford, Target and Salesforce have already embraced hybrid or flexible work schedules for office employees. 

#3 Inviting workspace

Logistics aside, working parents may be excited to return to a distraction-free environment, so investing in new perks like free snacks, fancy coffee service or more lavish office renovations could be worthwhile and enticing.

#4 Parent employee resource group

Starting a parent employee resource group run by parents within your organization is a great way to better understand employees needs. Use the group for ideas to get more parents back into the office—and let them run the initiatives with a budget.

#5 Encourage “clocking out”

With 9.8 million working mothers currently suffering from burnout, employers need to provide some relief. Give employees full permission to “clock out” when they leave the office. Normalize not checking email and not responding to Slack messages in the off hours.

To combat the Great Resignation, employers need to strategize their return to the office after COVID to ensure retention and avoid turnover.

Read the full article on Employee Benefit News now.

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