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Case Study: Reliable Backup Child Care for Frontline Workers

Company: One Medical

Industry: Healthcare

Number of employees: 2000

San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, and rapidly opening in other US cities. Additional remote employees in most states. 


One Medical, an innovative primary care practice that offers 24/7 access to care and timely same-day appointments, needed a backup child care solution for its providers and office staff. 

“If our doctors and nurses can’t get to work, that means somebody who needs to see a doctor is getting pushed a day,” said One Medical’s Senior Total Rewards Manager, Kaori Woodbine. 

Standing by its commitment to same-day appointments, it was vital that all One Medical employees have access to emergency back up care options. With offices spread across a dozen U.S. cities, new offices opening rapidly, and remote workers in additional locations, One Medical needed a child care benefit that would cover their entire employee population geographically.

Senior Total Rewards Manager at One Medical,
Kaori Woodbine


One Medical partnered with UrbanSitter to provide an employee benefit that offers the backup child care benefit needed, as well as inclusive care options for employees who need pet sitting, senior care, and household services like cleaning and errands. 

No matter their location, all One Medical employees now have access to UrbanSitter’s vast nationwide network of background checked caregivers, plus a subsidized care credit to cover expenses. 

“It’s great to be able to find a child care provider that you can trust,” said Woodbine. “The credit that we give is something to make people feel better. They don’t have to stress. They don’t have to think to call a family member or decide if they can afford it.”

One Medical’s UrbanSitter Benefits Package:


Since adding UrbanSitter’s child care benefit, One Medical receives only positive feedback from employees and sees strong repeat use (83%). 

“The app is so easy to use, the customer service is extremely helpful, and the babysitters all respond in a timely manner,” said One Medical employee Laura Flowers, “I am able to plan ahead and book for several weeks, or months ahead of time, or I can easily find a same day babysitter when in a bind.” 

After adding subsidized care credits to their benefit, job bookings rose 72% year-over-year as more employees utilized the allowance. The benefit attracts prospective employees as well. “Knowing that One Medical cares about you and your family helps on the recruiting side,” continued Woodbine. “We always want to have family-friendly benefit offerings. We have a good parental leave policy and offer One Medical memberships to families. UrbanSitter fits nicely with that.”

“I can easily find a same day babysitter when in a bind. The app is so easy to use and the babysitters all respond in a timely manner."
Laura Flowers
One Medical Employee

Excellent Backup Care Coverage

38% of jobs are booked less than 24 hours in advance

Thoughtful Financial Support

72% usage increase with care credit allowance

Satisfied Employees

83% repeat usage

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