It’s spring, which means it’s a great time to bring some nature inside for you and the kids to nurture and enjoy. These easy decorative plant hangers are easy to bead together—think of them as macramé without the fuss. And they serve a three-fold purpose: they provide a fun craft for an otherwise dull afternoon; they enliven boring terra cotta pots; and they get plants up off the floor and other easy-to-reach surfaces where they can be easily knocked over.

These come to us from our friends at Crafting Community and we think you’ll have so much fun making them you won’t be able to stop at just one!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 7-foot lengths of butcher’s twine, or other sturdy rope
  • A yardstick
  • Assorted colorful wood beads
  • Assorted small, low-maintenance plants from your local nursery; cactuses and other succulents make good choices

1.     Stretch out your two pieces of twine together, fold them in half, and knot them together in the center, 2 inches from the top of your loop. Line them up as pictured on the yardstick, splitting the 4 strands into 2 groups: AB and CD

2.     Add a few beads to the strands in each group, then secure group AB with a knot 17 inches down from your top knot; repeat for group CD, making sure the knots are even.

3.     Four inches below your last set of knots, knot B & C together, and A & D together. Again, make sure the knots are even.

4.     Repeat step 3, knotting strands from opposite groups together.

5.     Two inches below your last pair of knots, knot all 4 strands together.

6.     Test out your pot in your hanger, making any adjustments to knots that may be necessary.

.     Find a sunny window and display!

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