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Why not surprise a mom by helping her kids create a heartfelt, homemade gift to show their love this Mother’s Day? Roll up your sleeves, gather the supplies, and let the crafting begin! Here are 7 simple DIY gifts kids can create with a little help from you to make any mom feel special:

1. Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Download our Mother’s Day Coupon Book printable template to make an extra-thoughtful gift mom with coupons for “washing the dishes,” “folding the laundry,” and even “one hour of quiet time.” Have your little one color in and draw on each coupon to personalize it. Complement your coupon book with an UrbanSitter gift card!


2. Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Older kids can dive into a fun (and sustainable!) art project by creating yarn-wrapped vases for Mom. All you need are empty bottles, colorful yarn, and a pair of scissors. These beautiful vases are an easy and charming way to present a few flowers on her big day. 

  • Gather your supplies: Empty bottles, colorful yarn, scissors, glue.
  • Prep the bottles: Remove labels and clean thoroughly.
  • Start wrapping: Tie a knot at the top and start wrapping, securing with knots or glue.
  • Switch colors: Experiment with different yarn colors for a vibrant look.
  • Finish it off: Tie a knot at the end, trim excess yarn, and tuck loose ends.
via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

3. Craft Stick Flower Pot

Another fun, easy craft for kids to do on Mother’s Day is to create a colorful flower pot. Find a recycled can or other small container, craft or popsicle sticks, and some glue. After the flower pot is finished, fill it with her favorite plant for a long-lasting gift that will keep her smiling.

  • Gather your supplies: Recycled can or container, craft sticks, glue, paint (optional), favorite plant.
  • Prep the container: Ensure it’s clean and dry.
  • Create the base: Glue craft sticks around the container.
  • Decorate: Add colors, drawings, or stickers for a personalized touch.
  • Fill it up: Fill the pot with Mom’s favorite plant once dry.
via Somewhat Simple
via Somewhat Simple

4. Baby Feet Butterflies

If you’re looking for an easy art project for Mother’s Day for a baby, using their fingerprints or footprints is a wonderful way to create sentimental art. One homemade gift for mom from a baby is to dip the baby’s feet into non-toxic washable paint and create footprints. After the paint has dried, turn them into butterflies with just a few swipes with a marker.

  • Gather your supplies: Non-toxic, washable paint, paper, and marker.
  • Dip and print: Dip baby’s feet in paint and make footprints on the paper.
  • Let it dry: Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Add details: Turn footprints into butterflies with marker strokes.
  • Personalize: Write a message or date for an extra personal touch.
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

5. Tissue Paper Flowers

Truly a classic and perfect Mother’s Day craft for toddlers! Who doesn’t love a few tissue paper flowers, and even more so if they were created by the little ones they love. WikiHow tells you how to make them three ways. Gather the tissue paper, follow a few easy steps, and let the kids create a bouquet of love that Mom will adore.

  • Gather your supplies: Tissue paper, scissors, pipe cleaners.
  • Stack and fold: Stack several layers of tissue paper and fold accordion-style.
  • Secure in the middle: Use a pipe cleaner to secure the folded tissue paper in the middle.
  • Trim the edges: Round the edges or cut them into desired shapes.
  • Fan out petals: Carefully separate the layers to create a full bloom.
via Rust and Sunshine
via Rust and Sunshine

6. Craft Stick Jewelry Box

For the elementary kids, a simple Mother’s Day craft is this beautiful keepsake box. All they need to make this box are craft sticks or recycled popsicle sticks and embellish them with anything from beads, sequins, buttons, drawings, or even stickers. Mom will love storing her treasures here.

  • Gather your supplies: Craft sticks, glue, embellishments (beads, sequins, buttons), and paint (optional).
  • Create the base: Arrange craft sticks to form the base of the box.
  • Build the walls: Glue additional sticks to create walls.
  • Decorate: Add embellishments, drawings, or paint for a personalized touch.
  • Let it dry: Allow the box to dry completely before using or gifting.
via Spoonful
via Spoonful

7. Flower Photos

A free printable background, cupcake liners, construction paper, and favorite photos are all it takes to make these adorable flower photos. Photos of children’s faces are cut into 1.5-inch circles and pasted to the center of the flowers.  Once completed, these can be used to make a Mother’s Day card or a picture frame. For a picture frame, either buy a new frame or find an old picture frame and just remove the glass to make room for the 3D flowers.

via Raising Arizona Kids
via Raising Arizona Kids


More Mother’s Day Crafts…

As you delve into the joy of crafting DIY Mother’s Day gifts, why not expand your creative horizons with more crafting ideas? Consider handprint flowers, playful pom-pom projects, endearing handprint hearts, or versatile salt dough creations. Happy crafting, and may your celebration be filled with love and creativity!

Homemade Mother’s Day crafts like these are the ones that will truly touch her heart. She’ll appreciate the time and effort you made to help the kids create such meaningful Mother’s Day crafts. gift cards make great gifts, too!

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