Finding the right activities to keep children entertained while babysitting can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Engaging the kids in fun and interactive babysitter games is a great way to create a positive and enjoyable experience for you and the children.

From classic games to creative crafts, these ten babysitting games are perfect for building connections and ensuring everyone has a good time. Remember to consider the children’s interests and abilities before selecting a game. Here are some fantastic options to get you started.

1. Hide and Seek

One babysitting game that will win over the children you care for is hide and seek. This is an excellent indoor and outdoor activity that both older and younger children can participate in. Before you get started, establish ground rules. For example, you may require that everyone stay on one floor of the home, and the person only needs to be found rather than tagged. For toddlers, you may simply hide a specific toy and hunt for that item together. This classic game never gets old and is a fun activity that engages kids in active play.

2. Age-appropriate puzzles and Board Games

Chances are several puzzles and board games that children love to play are stored in a closet or cabinet in the home. They may jump at the chance to play with these puzzles with you. Before the parents leave, ask them where they store their puzzles and games and which are the kids’ favorites. Take it further; you could bring a few games and puzzles. Children with access to new activities are often more engaged and excited about participating. This is a great way to develop motor skills and cognitive abilities in a fun setting.

3. I Spy

This is a quieter game that almost everyone can participate in. Depending on the child’s age and abilities, you can tailor how challenging it is. It can be played outdoors, when the weather is nice, or indoors. An alternative is to bring a search-themed book with you. Since these books are usually more challenging, they are better for older children. “I Spy” is a simple, interactive game that helps improve observation and language skills.

4. Freeze Dancing

Whenever you are looking for a fun, active babysitting game that will help children burn off some extra energy, freeze-dancing is a perfect idea. You turn on age-appropriate music. You and the children can do silly dances while playing a favorite children’s tune. When the music stops, everyone will immediately freeze in their exact position. This can add a funny balance challenge depending on the dance move that is happening when the music stops. This game is lots of fun and great for developing coordination and rhythm.

5. Simon Says

This classic babysitting game is perfect for kids of all ages. The rules are simple: you give commands starting with “Simon says,” and the children must follow them. If you don’t say “Simon says” first, and a child follows the command, they are out of the game. This game is fun and helps improve listening skills and attention to detail.

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6. Paper Plate Ring Toss

For this game, you’ll need a few paper plates and household items to use as stands, such as paper towel rolls or empty cans. Cut the centers out of the paper plates to create rings. Then place the paper towel rolls or cans at varying distances and let the children try to toss the paper plate rings onto them. This game is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and is a fun indoor activity that can be set up quickly.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items for the children to find around the house or yard. These can be everyday household items like a piece of paper, a kitchen object, or even a tennis ball. Give them the list and set a timer. The child who finds the most items within the time limit wins. Best of all, this fun indoor or backyard game can be tailored to different age levels and is an interactive way to keep kids engaged and moving.

8. Charades

Charades is a fantastic interactive game that can be played with children of various ages. Write down different actions or items on paper, and have the children take turns drawing a piece of paper and acting out what’s written without speaking.  For children who aren’t old enough to read, you can substitute words on the paper with simple sketches of objects or actions. The other children must guess what the action or item is. This game is great for encouraging creativity and teamwork.

9. Indoor Bowling

Set up a makeshift bowling alley using household items like empty water bottles as pins and a regular-sized ball. Let the children take turns rolling the ball to knock down the pins. This indoor game is perfect for rainy days and helps improve coordination and motor skills.

10. Craft Activities

Finally, engage the children with some fun and easy craft activities. You can use basic craft supplies like construction paper, plain paper, colored paper, and markers. A straightforward idea is to make pet rocks using smooth stones, paint, and googly eyes. This activity allows children to express their creativity and is a calm, relaxing way to spend time together.

Engage with Other Exciting Sitter Games & Activities

Some babysitters will bring a bag of games, books, and other activities, and others will use the items inside the home. When you actively play with the children you spend time with on your babysitting jobs, you can develop great relationships, keep them entertained, and pass the time constructively. Want more ideas? Here are even more babysitting activities to do. Jokes, too, are a hit with children!

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