When it’s too hot to play outside, bring the kids to the table for some fun, attention-grabbing crafts that make the most of rocks, paper and scissors.

Go Fish!

No one is left out on the fun of making little fishies. Big kids can tackle a more involved project like these adorable DIY Japanese Fish and little kids can stick with a quick, instant gratification project like making Tropical Fish from Paper Plates.

j fish

Japanese Flying Carp

This is a great project for kick-starting a discussion about other cultures, leading to a trip to the library, a new ethnic recipe or a new storybook to read at home. The flying fish are a take-off on a Japanese tradition of flying a wind sock – called a koinobori – on a holiday called Boys’ Day. Google the day for lots of colorful, fun photos that make for great inspiration and a bonus learning experience.

Squirrelly Minds provides step-by-step instructions with helpful (and beautiful) photos to go along with them.

For the Japanese Fish (via Squirrelly Minds) you will need:

3 empty toilet paper rolls

Double-sided tape (or a glue gun)

Tissue paper

White paper

A small dowel




tropical fish

Tropical Fish

These bright, colorful fish make for a great craft for little kids who can simply paint paper plates and paste on fins, tails and google eyes, and also for preschoolers and early elementary kids who can take it a step further by adding more detailed designs and embellishments to their fish.

For the Tropical Fish (via Make and Takes) you will need:

8 miniature paper plates

Brightly colored paints


4 large wiggle eyes

White craft glue

Glue stick


Bigger kids (and parents or sitters who need a hand) can use these printable patterns for creating more realistic, detailed fish (include fins, tails and stripes and spots): pattern 1 and pattern 2.

pet rock  monsters

Pet Rock Monsters

Who among us hasn’t taken on a pet rock or two? Kids love pet rocks and this easy tutorial helps to turn plain ole pebbles into googly-eyed, colorful monsters – scary or silly. Let your child’s imagination run wild to create their own creatures. Wouldn’t this make a fun project to tackle after seeing the new Monsters University movie?

The how-to is simple: Paint them all over and leave them to dry thoroughly. Then paint on details and glue on the goggle eyes to make them come alive.

For the Pet Rock Monsters (via Cocoa Bean) you’ll need:

An assortment of hand-sized rocks or pebbles


Small paintbrushes

A Sharpee





These cherry jellyfish would be great to hang from a ceiling in your child’s bedroom or playroom. The instructions from Scrapbooks Etc. are simple:

▪       Paint the outside of two paper bowls.

▪       Trim eyes from cardstock or draw the eyes with markers.

▪       On the inside of the bowl, add liquid adhesive and place the ends of ribbon in it. Place another bowl on top (with the ribbon sticking out) and let it dry.

▪       Poke two small holes in the center of the bowl. Thread fishing line through the bowl so it creates a loop under the bowl.

▪       Tie ribbon and trim to the loop, then tighten the loop to secure the ribbon.

For Jellyfish (via Scrapbooks Etc.) you will need:

Paper bowls

Watercolor paints

Cardstock (for the eyes. Or simply draw them on with a Sharpee)

Liquid adhesive or glue


Fishing line

(All Images via Pinterest)

Love these fun ideas but you just aren’t the crafty type? UrbanSitter has lots of babysitters who’d love to get busy crafting with your kids.

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