Finding the right babysitter is essential for parents in New York City, but determining how much to pay can be a challenge. Factors like experience, location, and additional services can influence the hourly rate. In this guide, we’ll explore the average rates for babysitters in NYC and provide tips for negotiating a fair price.

Determine the Local Hourly Rate

Babysitters in NYC generally have established rates, which may vary slightly by borough. Before you offer a specific rate to a babysitter, you should:

  • Research typical rates: Check average babysitting rates online or ask other local parents for insight.
  • Set realistic expectations: Based on UrbanSitter’s latest data, the average rate in NYC is $22.70/hr for 1 child and $25.64/hr for 2 children.
  • Compare rates: Determine if the babysitter’s rate is fair and competitive. The hourly rate generally increases for each additional child.

Here is a comparison of average babysitting rates nationally versus in NYC:

Number of Children National Average NYC Average
1 Child $23.61/hr $26.57/hr
2 Children $22.57/hr  $25.64/hr

Expect to Pay More for Experience

Experienced babysitters in NYC often command higher rates due to their proven track record, experience, and special certifications, such as infant CPR. Here’s how to assess and justify paying more for an experienced babysitter:

  • Check references: Request a list of references from the babysitter and take the time to verify them. This helps ensure their credibility and reliability.
  • Review certifications: Look for relevant certifications that enhance their ability to provide high-quality care, like CPR and first aid.
  • Compare experience levels: Consider the specific needs of your situation. While highly experienced babysitters (10-15 years) may charge more, a sitter with 5 years of experience might be sufficient, especially for less demanding jobs like evening babysitting, where your child will mostly be asleep.

Consider Additional Responsibilities

Babysitters in NYC typically charge an hourly rate for basic services, but you may need to offer a higher rate for additional responsibilities:

  • Household tasks: Light housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands can add $3-$5/hr to the base rate.
  • Special situations: Around-the-clock care or extended periods when parents are out of town may require a negotiated overnight babysitter rate or an additional $50-$100 per day.
  • Additional Children: Caring for additional children typically increases the hourly rate by $2-$5 per child.
  • Flexible child care:  Accommodating flexible care schedules, including weekends and late nights, might require a higher rate to account for the sitter’s availability.
  • Age ranges: Babysitters experienced with a broad range of ages, from infants to teenagers, might charge more due to the specialized care required for different age groups.

Account for the Cost of Living

NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the cost of living here is significantly higher compared to other places. This higher cost of living impacts hourly wages for many services, including babysitting. Keep this in mind when determining a fair rate for babysitting in NYC. You may also want to compare NYC’s rates to other expensive cities like San Francisco to get a broader perspective.

Legal and Fair Payment Practices

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the minimum wage in NYC is higher than both the state and federal minimum wage, so make sure you are paying the minimum wage for your area.  This higher rate impacts New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. Also, consider offering additional compensation for things like transportation money, especially if the babysitter travels a long distance to get to your home. 

Tips and Bonuses 

After finding a trusted NYC babysitter your children love, you may consider offering a slightly higher rate or tip regularly on jobs. This shows your appreciation and may entice the babysitter to be more readily available when an urgent need arises. Additionally, consider offering benefits such as health insurance or vacation time if the babysitting arrangement becomes long-term and more akin to a nanny position.

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