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Whether you’re a family researching how much to pay or a babysitter deciding how much to charge, look no further than our babysitter pay calculator. Together, we’ll dive into the many factors you’ll want to consider when calculating a fair babysitting rate, including location, responsibilities, experience, and the duration of care provided.

Key factors that impact babysitter rates

When calculating babysitting rates, it’s important to consider a range of factors. 

After establishing a base rate using the chart of average babysitting rates by city below, the key factors to take into account typically include:

  • Years of experience – More experienced babysitters charge more
  • Number of children – Add $1-$3 per hour per additional child
  • Job responsibilities – Sitters often charge more for extras like driving kids or cleaning
  • Duration of care – Sitters may charge less if guaranteed a certain minimum of hours of work each month 
  • Transportation costs – If the babysitter must commute, factor in mileage, gas money, or transit costs
  • Special qualifications – Experience with special needs commands a higher rate

Average Babysitting Rate by U.S. City

Based on UrbanSitter’s latest data, the national average babysitting rate for 1 child is $23.61/hr. While the average hourly wage for 2 children is $26.57/hr. Depending on the arrangement, a babysitter may be paid hourly, weekly, or bi-weekly. To give you an idea of the average rates across the United States, here is a breakdown of some major cities:

Area/U.S. City

Hourly rate for babysitting 1 kid

Hourly rate for babysitting 2 kids




Atlanta, GA



Austin, TX



Boston, MA



Charlotte, NC



Chicago, IL



Cleveland, OH



Colorado Springs, CO



Columbus, OH



Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX



Denver, CO



Detroit, MI



Honolulu, HI



Houston, TX



Las Vegas, NV



Los Angeles, CA



Miami, FL



Minneapolis, MN



Nashville, TN



New York City, NY



North Jersey, NJ



Orlando, FL



Philadelphia, PA



Phoenix, AZ



Portland, OR



Raleigh/Durham, NC



Reno, NV



Richmond, VA



Sacramento, CA



San Antonio, TX



San Diego, CA



San Francisco, CA



San Luis Obispo, CA



Seattle, WA



Tampa Bay, FL



Washington, DC





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Calculating overnight babysitting rates

    Overnight babysitting rates typically differ from regular hourly rates. Instead of an hourly wage, overnight rates are usually charged as a flat fee for the entire stay. To determine a fair overnight babysitting rate, follow these steps:

    1. Establish a base rate: Start by determining your standard hourly babysitting rate, which you would use for daytime or evening babysitting. 

    2. Define the time frame: Specify the start and end times for the overnight babysitter. Overnight care can vary significantly in duration, so having clear time boundaries is essential.

    3. Consider additional responsibilities: Generally, this includes preparing nighttime meals, managing bedtime routines, or attending to the child if they wake up at night.

    4. Hourly rate adjustment: Depending on your area and the specific demands of overnight care, you might choose to adjust the hourly wage. Some families opt for a slightly higher hourly wage during overnight hours to compensate for the caregiver’s extended availability.

    5. Negotiate and communicate: Engage openly and transparently. Discuss the adjusted rate for overnight care to ensure both parties feel it’s a fair price.

    6. Consider a flat rate: Alternatively, you may agree on a flat rate for the entire overnight period, which many families prefer for simplicity. The average flat rate for overnight babysitting is $

    Tips for negotiating fair compensation 

    Overall, negotiating babysitter compensation can be a delicate but crucial process to ensure both parties are satisfied. Here are some valuable tips to help you navigate this discussion:

    • Research local rates to understand the range of fair wages
    • Consider the babysitter’s experience
    • Be transparent about expectations
    • Discuss additional benefits

    In conclusion, determining fair rates with a babysitter pay calculator is a crucial step for families. Factors like location, cost of living, experience, and responsibilities all play a role in the final rate. Remember to research local babysitting hourly wages, be transparent in your negotiations, and consider additional benefits to ensure a mutually satisfying arrangement. 

    With UrbanSitter’s babysitter pay calculator, you can navigate this process with ease and provide top-notch care for your child while compensating your babysitter fairly. Your stress-free babysitting experience is just a click away! Find child care near you now with UrbanSitter.

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