You can keep employee productivity and morale high during the holidays.

Want to keep productivity and employee spirits positive during the holidays? Are you looking for ways to relieve holiday-related stress? You can start by not adding to it with urgent projects or tight deadlines.

Offering flexibility in the hours and days that employees must work during the holidays can alleviate some stress. Remember that one in six working adults is also a primary caretaker; therefore, school/daycare closures and caregivers taking holiday vacations are bound to cause scheduling issues during this time.  

In addition, consider allowing employees to telecommute on some days during the holidays to save the time spent getting to and from work. This saved time then becomes available for employees to enjoy their holiday season activities and events.

You may also consider making more floating holidays so that employees can honor their religious and cultural traditions with paid time off. Think of Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and more; most organizations only offer paid Christmas and New Year Day holidays. 

Boost morale with surprise bonuses for attendance or other gifts that alleviate holiday stress pain points such as grocery store gift cards, food delivery gift cards, or child care stipends through UrbanSitter’s Corporate Care Benefit. 

The ways to help employees control, manage and eliminate holiday stress are endless—and endlessly appreciated.

What Employers Are Doing Right Now

Curious how other employers limit holiday stress? SHRM staff asked human resource professionals, “Does your company engage in any of the following practices to help alleviate holiday-related stress among your employees?” 

Here’s what the survey said:

  • 51% schedule holiday events during regular business hours.

  • 39% remind employees of their Employee Assistance Program.

  • 33% show appreciation for employees who work during a holiday.

  • 32% encourage casual dress for holiday parties.

  • 30% provide holiday food.

  • 23% give the quarterly or annual bonus early for holiday shopping.

  • 20% offer floating days to holidays worked.

  • 14% offer reduced hours so employees can run errands.

  • 13% allow time for volunteer opportunities during work hours.

  • 8% provide extra shifts for people to earn holiday money.

  • 1% cover child care for employee errands.

  • 15% of employers offer other employee perks and opportunities.

We hope you found these holiday hacks helpful, and if you are ready to find out more about UrbanSitter’s Corporate Care Program, visit our website.

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