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Finding the right child care solution can be a daunting task for any parent. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to after-school care or just had your first child, a part-time nanny might be the perfect solution for your family. So, where can you find a part-time nanny? Let’s explore the best places to start your search.

First of all, why is it harder to find a part-time nanny than a full-time nanny?

Given that part-time nanny hours are limited, your job may not be as appealing or lucrative as full-time positions. Part-time nannies also tend to have other responsibilities, like being a college student, parent, or musician, with schedules that might conflict with yours. They may also be unable to commit to a steady schedule or long-term position.

While this can make hiring a part-time nanny a challenge, if you know where to look and how to make your job appealing, you will succeed. We’ll help guide you through this starting with where to look.

Top 5 Places to Find Part-Time Nannies

1. Nanny-finding websites

Websites such as UrbanSitter are great resources for finding part-time nanny help. These platforms allow parents to create a profile, specify their needs, and connect with available nannies in their area.

Pros: Wide pool of candidates, easy to browse and compare profiles, scheduling tools, user reviews, and background checks provided.

Cons: May require a membership fee, can be time-consuming to review and interview multiple candidates.

2. Nanny agencies

Nanny placement agencies specialize in matching families with experienced nannies. These agencies carefully screen professional nannies and check references before making recommendations to parents.

Pros: Personalized service, in-depth screening, placement for full-time, part-time or live-in nannies, assists with nanny contract, often offer ongoing support.

Cons: Higher costs due to agency fees (10-18% of annual salary), longer wait times for matches.

3. Ask friends and family

Seeking recommendations from friends, neighbors, or family members who have used part-time nannies can be an effective way to find trustworthy caregivers.

Pros: Trusted recommendations, access to firsthand information about the nanny’s skills and personality.

Cons: Limited options, may feel uncomfortable asking personal questions or making specific requests, you need to run your own background check.

4. Local colleges and universities

Many colleges and universities have job boards or career centers where students and recent graduates can offer part-time nanny services. Contacting these institutions can help connect parents with responsible and potentially affordable childcare options.

Pros: Young and energetic caregivers, potential cost savings.

Cons: Limited experience, may have limited availability due to students’ class schedules.

5. Community bulletin boards and social media groups

Local community centers, stores, libraries, and online groups on platforms like Facebook often have bulletin boards or groups specifically for childcare services, where parents can find part-time nannies.

Pros: Easy access, potentially local and affordable options.

Cons: Limited screening or background information available, may require additional independent research and evaluation.

Remember, regardless of the method chosen, it’s essential to thoroughly screen potential candidates, conduct interviews, and perform background checks to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.

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How to Make Your Job More Appealing

Now that you know where to look, here are a few pro tips for making your part-time nanny job stand out among the crowd: 

  1. Clearly define your needs in the job description: Take time to clearly define what you are looking for in a detailed job description that will help a part-time nanny envision the work. Specify things like your schedule, the age and number of children you have, personalities, parenting style, any specific duties you want the nanny to perform (e.g. cooking meals, light housekeeping, homework help),  and your budget.
  2. Be flexible: Get creative with your scheduling and be flexible with hours per week, if your needs allow for it. By being open to different arrangements that your nanny can have a say in, you can attract more candidates. 
  3. Guarantee a minimum of hours per week: Offer a promised amount of part-time nanny hours each week to provide stability and income. Most part-time nannies want a minimum of 30 hours a week to fully commit to your family. Promised hours ensure your nanny is paid even if you don’t require their services due to vacation or holidays, making your position more attractive.
  4. Share a nanny with another family: Team up with another family that needs a part-time nanny to find a nanny together. The nanny gets a full-time job and you get the help you need on a part-time basis. This arrangement can be beneficial for both families and the nanny.

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How much to pay: average hourly rates

Compensation is a key factor in attracting candidates. On average, part-time nannies can make anywhere from $20 to $35 per hour. However, this is just a rough estimate, and it’s important to take into account your specific needs and the qualifications of the nanny. For instance, a nanny with specialized skills or certifications may warrant a higher rate.

It’s also worth considering that the cost of living in your area may impact the average pay rate for nannies. If you’re looking for more detailed information on nanny pay rates, UrbanSitter’s article, “How Much Does a Nanny Cost,” provides a comprehensive breakdown of the average hourly rates across different areas of the country.

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How to keep your part-time nanny

Once you have your nanny, you’ll want to keep them! To maintain a healthy relationship with your nanny, establish clear communication and expectations. Regularly check in with your nanny to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Thankfully, there are many helpful nanny apps and services designed to help you and your nanny stay connected about schedules, infant feeding/sleep tracking, and more.

To keep your nanny motivated in their role, show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Offer small tokens of gratitude and words of validation to recognize their efforts. Creating a positive working environment and fostering mutual respect will benefit both you and your child.

In summary, finding a part-time nanny can be a challenge for busy parents. By clearly defining your needs, using the best nanny-finding resources, and knowing how to make your job appealing, you can make the hiring process smoother and more successful.

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