Do you want to find and book a babysitter from anywhere, at anytime… in other words, when the inspiration (or an invitation) to do something without the kids strikes? Now you can!

We’ve just launched the UrbanSitter Mobile App to allow you to easily search for sitters, review profiles of those who are available, and book them from your iPhone or iPad. You get an instant notification when a sitter responds to your request and a tool that allows you manage your bookings so you are always on top of it, always organized.

And we didn’t stop there. The new app turns into a very cool messaging tool, so once a job is booked, you can easily and efficiently communicate with your sitter to discuss the details of the job–or call them at the click of a button.

It’s just as awesome for sitters, too, because it allows them to immediately see and respond to your job requests. They can also use it to communicate with you about the job and even view of map to your home.

We figured you already shop, get directions, talk with your friends, and book dinner reservations on-the-go. It’s about time you can now find and book a sitter from your phone, too!

You can find the UrbanSitter Mobile App as a free download in the Apple iTunes Store. It will be available for Android later this year.

Now go ahead and accept that last minute invitation to dinner, or grab tickets to see your favorite band before they are sold out. We’ve got your kids covered!

Get the UrbanSitter app now! Download here.

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