Have you ever settled into a dark movie theater on date night, turned your phone to silent, yet couldn’t seem to turn off the voice in the back of your head that kept saying, “Does the sitter know who to call if she can’t reach me? Have I told her what to do in case of an emergency?” Even if you did tell her, it was likely ages ago and you start to wonder if she remembers or has the numbers handy. Not a fun way to spend date night, fighting with that voice in the back of your head all night.

Quick fix to quiet that voice: Print the UrbanSitter Emergency Contacts card, fill it out and make a habit of leaving one on the counter each and every time you leave your kids with a sitter.

Click here to download the printable UrbanSitter Emergency Contacts Card

Your sitter will have an easy to find, hard to miss summary of the info that’s critical in the case of an emergency – contact numbers for you, your spouse, your kids’ pediatrician, and anyone you’d like her to call in case she can’t reach you; as well as your home address, your kids birthdays, and insurance info.

You can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to your kids. Now, go ahead and enjoy date night! We’ve got you covered.

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