finding_a_babysitterAs we head into the final days of summer, why not shake up your routine by substituting your regular babysitter with someone new? You might not be so keen on rocking the boat, but it’s smart and proactive to meet and hire new babysitters. Here’s why:

Why Try a New Babysitter?

  1. You need to build your sitter repertoire. Think of a fortified bank of sitters as a critical piece of your parenting arsenal.  You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable by depending solely on one or two sitters for your childcare needs, especially if it takes your child some time to warm up to someone new. Knowing you have a solid bevy of babysitters you know and trust at your ready is a nice insurance policy. It will ultimately save you from last minute scrambles when your babysitter cancels.
  2. Your kids will benefit from a change of pace.  Think of how excited your child will be to meet a new babysitter with a shared interest. With UrbanSitter, you can find someone with your must-haves–someone who is CPR-certified, is comfortable driving carpool, can cook your family dinner – and you can also check profiles to see who might be active in theater, coach a soccer team or lifeguard at a local pool.
  3. You are getting a trial run for future needs. It’s hard to imagine how your child’s needs will change in the not-so-distant future, but kids grow and mature quickly and their needs change right along with them. For instance, you might soon need a babysitter who can handle carpool, help with homework or if you are expecting a new addition to your family you will soon need someone who is comfortable with a newborn.  Meeting new babysitters now will help you prepare for the future.
  4. Easier transitions later. If you know you’ll be hiring a new babysitter for after-school care or someone to help with the baby a few mornings a week once older siblings are back to school, it’s nice to ease into the change and let your child get to know them little by little.  Even if you only plan to book a new sitter for occasional needs, it’ll help your child and the sitter begin to build a relationship, which ultimately means fewer tearful hand-offs down the road.
  5. Your babysitter’s needs and schedule are likely to change, too.  No one can predict the future. Your sitter’s availability could change if she decides to take, for example, a class or a second job, or she could move out of town.  You won’t want to be left in a lurch if her availability no longer matches your needs.  It’s never easy to lose a babysitter your family depends on, but the process of finding a replacement is a lot easier if you have a few back-up sitters at the ready.

Sold on the importance of trying a new sitter but not sure how to find her? The next time your regular sitter is unavailable ask her to recommend a friend with babysitting experience.  She’ll be helping out a friend and a loyal employer.  You can also ask neighbors and friends for recommendations, post an ad on local college job boards, and of course, check UrbanSitter to review scores of sitter profiles and see who’s available when you need the help.

Find and book trusted babysitters with UrbanSitter.

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