What’s your child going to be for Halloween this year? If you haven’t decided, dread the thought of hitting the costume isle or combing the Internet to find something that will please both you and your kids (and is the right size), let us help.

We’ve found 10 Super Cool Make-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes that are sure to impress  your friends and neighbors, and more importantly your kids. No matter what your needs or limitations, we’ve found your perfect costume!

When you need a good excuse to dress up, too:  Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb, and you can, too! You can be Mary, and will have a blast turning your munchkins into a doting herd of little lambs. These lambs are outfitted in batting sewn onto a leotard worn over a black tee and tights. There’s a template for making the ears, and a little face paint will finish it off.

When the budget is bust and time is of the essence:  Baby-saurus

It doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than this one… and it’s pretty dang cute! Cut sponges in half on the diagonal and super glue them to the back and head of a matching one-piece suit (or jammies) and a cap.

When Brother and Sister are best of pals and two is better than one: The King and The Queen

It’s hard to believe these are no-sew costumes. They look to good to be easy, but truly they are. Follow the instructions for making the capes and embellishing a suit and fancy dress your kids already own.

When you crave homemade, but DIY is not your thing: Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Cheating a little? Yes, but not really. Here’s a homemade costume made by someone else. It’s adorable, original and  looks way better than anything mass produced.

When you’re a master of the glue gun and love a little glam: The Peacock

Gorgeous and eye-catching, this little peacock comes together with a onesie, pair of tights, handful of feathers, and some elastic sequin bands… and a really good glue gun.

When you have a gaggle of girls: Mermaids

Sure, you could let them all be Disney princesses, but if you have more than one daughter, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had all the princess you can stomach. How about mermaids (call her Ariel, if she’s a die-hard Disney fan)? How cute would it be to make them all tails and have each girl choose her own color top and crown to make it her own?

When you want a fun project to do together: Knight in Shining Armor

Plan on doing some shopping for this one, including a hardware, craft and sporting goods store… unless you already own a lot of duct tape; a clean, empty paint can; and knee and elbow pads, among other materials.

When you want to light up their world: Sci-Fi Avenger

The crafter who created this sure-fire hit costume claims it takes little more than “ garbage, spray paint, felt fire, and 20 minutes.” Even if your kid isn’t a Star Wars fan, it’s unlikely he or she will want to take this off.

When your baby is so yummy, you could eat her up: Candy Corn Baby

This is a great costume for little ones trick-or-treating, since it will keep them warm and cozy. You’ll need a sewing machine, but the tutorial is easy to follow and the lines are straight, so it’s not too tough, even for the sewing beginner.

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