This one is for the husbands. (Or, for the wives who want to leave this in his briefcase.)

What does your wife want for Mother’s Day? Most moms are reluctant to ask for anything, but if you dig just a little deeper, you’ll find there are plenty of “presents” she’d love to receive. So take a hint and give her something really special this year.

1. A day off. There’s nothing like it. Even better if she’s in her own home — by herself.

2. Flowers. Cliche, but really not. Can you remember the last time she received an arrangement?

3. An afternoon off. You get the idea.

4. A gift certificate to the local hotel spa or day spa. Make sure she’s welcome to stay the whole day and use the facilities — pool, lunch, etc.

5. Something homemade from the kids. This should accompany another gift, but anything with crooked little letters and haphazard glue warms the heart.

6. A spectacular date — planned entirely by you. Take the reigns and devise something fun and different. Horse races? Theatre?

7. A new sweater or a whole outfit. Not lingerie. And please get the sales lady at Macy’s/J.Crew/Saks to help you. Even if she returns part or all of it, she’ll be touched you tried.

8. Art. Anything from a photograph of the first city you lived in (together) to a reprint of her favorite artist’s most obscure work, to a jewelry box you found in that out-of-the-way gift shop.

9. A cleaning lady, or a deep clean of the carpets and windows. The key is she won’t have to plan it or feel guilty for spending the money. And maybe get her flowers, too.

10. A dinner made by you. Hire a sitter to take the kids out or drop them at the grandparents for the night and make her a gourmet meal from start to finish. Even if you aren’t a star in the kitchen, you’ll both laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Bonus points for a fabulous bottle of champagne or her favorite (expensive) wine!

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