Ever wonder if you’re the only parent who breaks from conventional thinking on a common parenting issue or speculate just how common today’s parenting practices really are? We surveyed families across the United States to get the inside scoop on popular parenting conundrums.

  • Wine while pregnant? 35 percent of moms surveyed said, “No way!” while the other 65 percent said they took sips or had a glass now and then.
  • Public or private school? Nearly 40 percent of parents surveyed prefer private schools, but only 1 in 3 of families surveyed can afford to send their children to private school.
  • The Real Housewives. One third of parents surveyed are stay-at-home parents. Of those, 80 percent stay at home by choice, 20 percent do so out of necessity.

Here are the true parenting confessions and concessions, uncensored:

URBS_PARENTHOOD_INFOGRAPHIC_FINAL_900Where do you stand on these and other hot parenting topics? Do you tow the line believing the experts know best or are you a bit of a trailblazer? UrbanSitter wants to know what you think!

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