What does your babysitter charge? UrbanSitter surveyed and compiled data from nearly 800 families across the nation to determine the average hourly rates for babysitters and nannies. Plus, we gathered data on what parents expect their Valentine’s Day date to cost and stats on hiring sitters while on a family vacation.

  • San Francisco tops the charts once again with the most expensive babysitter rates in the country: $16.58 per hour for one child.
  • While Denver has the least expensive babysitter rates: $11.75 per hour for one child.
  • Over a third of all parents surveyed hire a babysitter once a week or more.
  • When it comes to tipping babysitters, only 19% of parents tip on every job.
  • 64% of parents surveyed spend $20,000 or more annually on a nanny.
  • Reviews from other parents ranked as the most important factor when hiring a babysitter, with 53% of parents surveyed saying they check references when hiring a new sitter.
  • 50% of parents said they were not planning a Valentine’s Date Night, while 30% said they’re planning on going out to celebrate on a day other than February 14th.
  • Would you hire a babysitter while you were on vacation? 80% of parents surveyed said they would love to hire a babysitter while on a family trip.

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