urbansitter profile tips

If you’re a babysitter, nanny or caregiver looking for jobs with kids, seniors, pets or for household services, you’re in the right place! We’ll help you create an UrbanSitter profile and give you a few tips to set you up for success.

First off, we’ll explain how UrbanSitter works

Families come to UrbanSitter and search by date and time to find available caregivers for their kids, pets, seniors or for household services. If you are available in that window of time, your profile will appear in the families search results. The placement of your profile in search results depends on a number of factors including the completeness of your profile, reviews/badges you’ve earned, and if you’re connected to the family through another family.

Another way families hire caregivers is by posting a job on the Job Board. You can browse through all of the job opportunities in your area and can click the “I’m Interested” button for any that you’d like to be considered for. Careseekers will send you a job or interview request if they are interested.

Top Tips to Help You Land Jobs

1. Keep your availability up-to-date. On UrbanSitter, families search for caregivers by the exact date and time they need help. The more availability you list, the more likely you are to appear in search results. If you do not list availability, families will not be able to find you. It’s also important to keep your availability accurate, so families do not contact you about jobs when you are unavailable.

2. Fill out your UrbanSitter profile… and make it look great.

  • Fill out all sections. Families can search for caregivers by years of experience, special experience with children, seniors or pets, languages spoken, rates, vehicle, etc., so if sections of your profile are blank, you will not show up in search results.
  • Make sure you have an engaging description about yourself. You want a family to read yours and say, “Wow, this caregiver sounds amazing.”
  • Request reviews from families you’ve worked for in the past. Reviews help you establish credibility with parents.
  • Select a profile picture that is friendly and inviting.
  • Upload a video: This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to hundreds of families, so make it count!
  • List the locations you’re willing to work in. The more neighborhoods you are willing to work in, the more likely you are to get jobs.

3. Check the Job Board frequently. Families will post a job with their specific requests to the Job Board. These range from last minute opportunities to recurring or permanent jobs. Be sure to check the Job Board frequently and hit the “I’m Interested” button to be considered.

4. Earn Badges on your UrbanSitter profile to help you stand out from the crowd.

“Responds quickly” badge

    • Respond as soon as possible to all job and interview requests. Parents are an antsy bunch and a quick response is VERY important to them. Your goal should always be within 24 hours. If you consistently respond quickly, you will earn a “Responds Within” badge – the badges have a scale of within 1 hour, 4 hours, and 24 hours.
    • Don’t feel bad declining a job–your quick response still counts toward this badge. A parent would rather know as soon as possible if you are not available so that they can find someone else. If you have to decline a job, you have the option to recommend a friend on the site. If you’re going out of town, be sure to update your availability calendar and change your Account Settings, so parents can’t send you job requests when you’re not available.

“Repeat families” badge

    • Earn this badge by working with the same family more than once. Encourage families to keep booking you on the site, so you can earn this badge. A “Repeat families” badge shows you’re a caregiver who’s asked back again and again. Once you’ve completed a job with a family, you can “Add jobs” to your calendar for them, in case they forget to officially book your through the site.

COVID-19 vaccine badge

    • To help members make informed decisions during COVID, caregivers and families can add a COVID-19 vaccine badge to their profile indicating they have received the vaccine and are willing to provide proof if requested. You can add this badge under profile.

5. Add direct deposit so families can pay you with a credit card. Families love the convenience of paying caregivers online with a credit card. Caretakers also say they get tipped more often! Simply sync your bank account with UrbanSitter (it’s secure and deposit-only). When families pay via credit card, we deposit the cash directly in your account. This service is included with Caregiver Membership and you keep 100% of your wages.

6. Hourly Rates. Have you completed all of the above and you’re still not landing jobs? Take a look at your hourly rate and compare it with the average babysitting rates in your area. Is it too high? If so, you might try lowering your rate temporarily to see if you get more job requests. You can always raise your rate again later.

7. Download the UrbanSitter app. Don’t miss a job request! Get notified instantly when a family books you and reply on your phone. Stay organized with access to upcoming job details, including maps. Download the UrbanSitter app.

Start your UrbanSitter profile now or for more advanced tips, continue to Tips for Caregivers – Advanced. Have a specific question about UrbanSitter or your account? Visit the Support Center.