Trolling the internet to peruse the latest parenting blogs, articles, and research is a fine form of enlightenment and entertainment – if you have a few hours to spare. Below we’ve rounded up a few recent highlights. These are worth the read and might even get you thinking…or at least chuckling. Enjoy!

Image  via aperturismo
Image via aperturismo

Five Basic Rules for Raising Happy Children

It can’t be so simple…or can it? Psychologist Richard Greenberg lays it out there and what he says rings very true. Implementation is another matter, but we could all benefit from trying. Read the full article here >>

Why Teenagers Don’t Have Empathy

If you’re not there yet, you will be soon. For most of us, the teenage years are fast approaching. This fascinating article explores why some young people show virtually no empathy. But before you beat yourself up — biology, not parenting, may be the cause. Read the full article here >>

The War on Lice

This makes a supremely un-funny subject a downright laugh fest. The Bitchin’ Sisters hit the nail on the head (pun intended). You’ll laugh ’til you cry – and then you’ll laugh again. Read the full article here >> 

Losing is Good for You

We’ve heard it a hundred times, but it never hurts to hear it again: stop rewarding your children for the mundane! No more trophies! Ashley Merriman writes this adroit op/ed for the NYTimes that neatly rounds up much of the research into an easy-to-read piece we can all benefit from. Read the full article here >> 

The Pioneer Woman’s Confession on Why She Loves October 

Who doesn’t love the Pioneer Woman? The mom/farmer/homeschooler/cook who manages to do it all but not make the rest of us feel bad. You’ll love her simple reflections on October and all the coziness that comes with it. Plus, #10 is a link to her seasonal soup recipes, yum! Read the full article here >>

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