Summer is in full swing and many of you are hitting the road with your family. If you didn’t plan ahead for snacks and meals, you’re likely to find yourself and your hungry, grumpy kids dead center of the fast food trap. Once you’re there, there’s often nowhere to go but straight through the drive-through window.

Chances are, no matter how vigilant you are about healthy choices for your family, your kids know the lure of the Golden Arches or something similar. Even today, McDonald’s is the most recognized fast food chain restaurant among children.

This infographic created by Jason White of FrugalDad explores some of the reasons why McDonald’s has become so popular with kids, outlines details of the San Francisco Healthy Food Ordinance, and shows how the fast food chain has bowed to the pressure of the ordinance and others like it to offer more nutritious options.

Whether or not you think there are worse things than an occasional Happy Meal for your child, this infographic warrants a look:



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