Q: What is the Scout Partnership?

A: Scout is an UrbanSitter partner that provides reference checking as a service. We are currently offering select sitters the ability to participate our program to get professional reference checks to add to their profile. For more information on the Scout company, check out their website.

Q: How do I participate in the program? 

A: Participation is simple. To participate:

  1. Register on Scout’s website at https://scoutreference.com/urbansitter-reference.
  2. Enter your reference information. Use professional references – people for whom you’ve completed care services (babysitting, pet sitting, etc.)
  3. The Scout team will send an inquiry to your references asking for feedback on your performance.
  4. The Scout team will compile the feedback from your references into a Scout reference report.
  5. You’ll receive a copy of your Scout reference report once it’s complete.
  6. The UrbanSitter team will be notified that your Scout report is complete and will update your UrbanSitter profile to say, “[Your Name] has successfully completed reference checks through our partner, Scout. Please contact [Your Name] for a copy of the reference checks.”
  7. If a family contacts you, you can send them your reference check report. If you’d like, you can also update your profile to include direct quotes or information from your reference checks to make your profile really stand out.

Q: How do I register for the program? 

A: Registration is simple. Follow the link to register and  fill out your information:

Click ‘Create’ when complete: 

Q: How do I add my references?

A: Click into the ‘references’ section on your dashboard: 

Fill out the necessary fields and click ‘create reference’: 

Q: How do I contact customer support? 

A: Customer support can be contacted by clicking the ‘Help’ tab on your dashboard: 

Q: Where do I find profile information, documentation, references or their progress? 

A: All of the above can be found when navigating to your personal dashboard as seen below. 

    This is the page you are automatically directed to when logging in: 

Q:How do I upload my documents?

A: Click into the ‘my documents’ section on your dashboard: 

Click the upload arrow next to the corresponding document and pull files to upload: 

You can drag and drop or select an individual document from files: