Carina Tannenberg Wants to Demystify Poop for American Kids and Parents

Carina Tannenberg

By Lela Nargi Carina Tannenberg is the owner of online shop Sweden Toys, which brings a whole host of adorable, educational Scandinavian playthings to American tots.  But perhaps none of the shop’s offerings is quite as…unexpected as its duo of plushies called Pee & Poo. You read that right: Pee & Poo plushies, meant to lift […]

7 Clever Ways to Organize Toys

via Jazzie and Tahlia

The bounty of toys from Santa + the mountain of stuff your child already owned = one hot mess of kid stuff. Yikes! How is a busy parent to make sense of the mess, let alone organize it? Fear not! With these helpful tips, you’ll have the toys organized in no time. The next time […]

10 Unique Kids Gifts for Under $100

Go Car - Pink via Darling Clementine

More than 50% of parents we recently surveyed spend $100 or more per child on holiday gifts, and a fifth of parents are spending $200-$500 per child. Yikes! Looks like we could all use some help saving the budget the BIG bite the holidays are taking out of it. We’ve rounded up 10 unique gifts […]