News You Can Use: Quality Sleep is More Important Than Quantity


By Dawn Van Osdell It’s no surprise to parents of newborns or kids with sleep challenges that waking several times throughout the night can really put you in a foul mood. A study just released from Johns Hopkins Medicine proves that your bad mood is more likely due to lack of quality sleep, than the reduced […]

3 Parenting Myths about Children & Sleep, Busted!


By Dawn Van Osdell There’s a lot of contradictory and downright erroneous parenting info floating around out there. We’re not afraid to tackle it head-on!  You may be past the days of coaxing your newborn to sleep through the night, or convincing your toddler to get in bed while his older siblings are still awake. But sleep […]

Are Your Children Getting Enough Sleep?


Sleep is a hot topic with any parent, and for good reason. Read on to find out if your child is getting enough sleep, why it’s important, and what to do if your child isn’t as rested as she should be. Guidelines While sleep needs can vary greatly from child to child, there are science-based […]