Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week

Have you checked out our Pinterest boards? Take a look at our five favorite Pins of the week, and don’t forget to follow us for more!

  1. paintcutpasteproject
    DIY science project from paintcutpaste.com

    There’s no excuse for not knowing where to start – this Pin provides the ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist to get your pad in tip-top shape.

  2. Super simple can also be super chic. This easy ensemble is a no-brainer for Spring, whether you’re headed to carpool, coffee or cocktails.
  3. If Spring is on your mind as much as it is ours lately, you’ll appreciate this fun DIY craft/science project for kids. Watch them turn white flowers into a rainbow of different hues.
  4. Spring Break is coming. Print out this handy guide of 50 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Plane, and you won’t sweat the journey.
  5. Absolutely awesome superhero bedroom will get rave reviews from kids and adults, too. It’s so cool!

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