Five Pins to Check Out This Week

pinterest_logoWe’re featuring 5 must-see Pins of the Week for parents. For more great pins, follow UrbanSitter on Pinterest!

1. 25 One-Dish Chicken Dinners are just what you need to shake up your repertoire, and are just in time for the busy, Spring sports season that leaves little time for dinner prep or clean-up.

2. A whopping number of you share our love for this look – a gingham shirt, khaki jacket and bright lips. Why is it so appealing? The look says fresh and modern and any modern mom can pull it off.

3. An easy-to-make, crowd-and kiddo-pleasing addition to a holiday brunch is always appreciated. These bacon and egg muffins will have your hungry crowd licking their lips.

4. Picks for Local Easter Egg Hunts make it easy to find a good hunt in your hood.

5. Those who appreciate a good craft to keep the kiddies busy agree that Babbaco’s March DIY for Kids ideas are the bomb.