Parent Resources

These childcare resource articles help parents navigate the often intimidating process of selecting, interviewing, hiring, and maintaining great relationships with a caregiver such as a babysitter or nanny. Childcare planning: Budgeting for a Babysitter or Nanny Average Babysitting Rates & Nanny Pay by City Choosing Between a Nanny, Daycare or Au Pair Is an Au […]

Tips for Summer Reading


Summer is all about unwinding and taking a break from the routine and demands of the school year, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to take a vacation from reading. Experts tell us that kids lose core reading skills and are at risk of falling behind when they don’t read over summer break. Reading keeps […]

What To Do When Your Child Hates the Babysitter


Either your child has told you they hate the babysitter, or you’ve determined as much by his reaction when you announce the babysitter is coming over. Either way, you’ve discovered a mismatch and it needs to be remedied. We’ve collected some approaches that might help smooth over the situation. Figure out the problem and work […]

How to Have Difficult Conversations with your Babysitter


What do you do if your babysitter repeatedly ignores your instructions or worse, contradicts your disciplinary style? Which rules is it okay for her to bend a little, and which ones should you dig your heels in about? Tackling tough topics with your children’s caregiver doesn’t need to leave you feeling uneasy or apprehensive. You […]

Babysitter Report Form (printable)

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Parents can download and print out a copy of this fun babysitter report to have sitters fill out how the job went. Sitters can print and use to impress parents on your next job!   Download Now! Browse for babysitters recommended by people you know on!

13 Reasons Why Exercise is Essential to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy


Keeping a regular exercise routine while pregnant isn’t always easy, but it’s truly essential to your own physical and emotional well being, and now we know it’s just as beneficial to your unborn child’s lifelong health. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), you can safely take part in 30 minutes or […]