1st Annual Parenting Awards by UrbanSitter

We surveyed more than 500 babysitters and nannies across the nation to give us the scoop on the parents they work for. Find out what they said about parenting personalities, screen time, house rules and everything in between.

  • According to sitters moms in San Francisco have got it all together, moms in Phoenix are the most understanding, and moms in Miami are the most fun!
  • Sitters say more parents are on Facebook than any other social media site.
  • 84% of parents are at least moderately concerned about the amount of screentime their children are allowed.
  • Two thirds of families try to keep a healthy diet, while still allowing the occasional treat.
  • 68% of sitters said they’d be friends with the parents they sit for, if they were’t employer and employee.
  • 93% of parents ask sitters about their personal lives.
  • Some of the craziest requests sitters have ever gotten include being asked to care for 10 animals; while some of the best perks include being served filet mignon by a butler!

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Parenting Personalities Infographic